Country Tildes are very good for giving. garden. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Country Tildes are very good for giving. garden. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Tilda dolls can be very different - fromluxurious princesses and elegant ladies to cute and domestic angels, cozy garden fairies and caring poultry. In addition, the tilde style has spread to other toys: representatives of flora and fauna, as well as objects. Each artist will be able to find images for her soul. For example, if you like country-style or you like to spend time in the country and in the countryside, then you will certainly want to have beautiful assistants in the form of a tilde of a gardener or a tilde of an aviary. And also to make original decorations for the interior - fruits and other crafts in the style of tilde.

Tildes of the gardener and gardeners

"I want so much so that the summer does not end ..." - littlewho did not sing along with these cheerful and warm words of the song after the sonorous Pugacheva. Indeed, we would like so much that the summer bright days please us as long as possible, but if we can not change the course of the nature of things, then we can create a part of summer and settle in our homes to keep warm on winter evenings. Tilda a gardener or a garden angel - one of the pupae of the summer tilde series. Often this is a bright and beautiful doll in a variegated overalls with wide straps and large pockets where you can put anything you like. On the head of the garden fairy a beautiful kerchief is tied, so that the hair in work does not interfere, and the summer sun is not baked. Tildes for summer cottagesBehind the back of the angel, of course, the wings, and if the handles are not hidden in the pockets, then the tilde gardener usually holds either a radish, or an apple, or some other fruit of his labors. The process of sewing dolls

  • For work you will need a pattern. The pattern of the garden angelfish, in fact, is no different from the spring or other tilde angels. The difference will be only in some details. The growth of a doll will depend on the size of the pattern you printed.
  • Further, the sewing process is no different frommaking other dolls in this style: we transfer the pattern to the fabric, cut out, cut out. However, remember the basic Tild's corporate nuance: you need to sew two fabrics together - for the body and for the clothes (the inside inside). Then we sew, smooth out the seams and turn out, then thoroughly iron and stuff filler. We connect all the details (do not forget to stitch along the line of the knees so that the pupa can sit, bend the legs and toss the leg on the leg).
  • Make a hairstyle from the thread to the gardener (you can braid neat pigtails) and draw a little face (if you want, embroider your eyes with a French knot, break your cheeks and make up your lips).
  • Now the most important thing is stylish and comfortableoveralls. Dissect it in a pattern and stitch it. For each trouser add details - the sides and large patch pockets. To the front you need to sew a bib and make a belt, and lyamochki for overalls just prepare - sewing them will be necessary when the clothes are on the doll. To the legs on the joints, sew stripes of lace - so it turns out that your doll is in graceful tights. The overalls can be decorated with large buttons or other accessories.
  • Make for the gardener slippers of felt and glue them to the soles, and on top decorate with small artificial flowers.
  • In order to complete the image of the garden angel,give her a pencil in her hands. It is sewn very simply. Connect two pieces of fabric of different colors into one sheet so that you get a two-colored vegetable, sew details, turn them out and stuff them with filler. From small pieces of green tissue, make the leaves, insert their tips into the unshielded hole of the radish and tighten with a thread. You can decorate it with a ribbon of lace.
  • It only remains to attach the wings, and your gardener will be ready to help you in the dacha and garden.
  • Tildes of housekeeper

    If you want to sew something unusual andoriginal, take hold of the tilde of a good witch. Another name for this doll is a tilde birdwoman, and she is one of the mandatory characters of the Easter decor in Scandinavia. A very unusual character - a tilde of a nested doll. It is done on the basic principle, but plastic granules are added to the packing for stability. The figurine of the nesting doll is decorated with a ribbon, and the face is made, like a beetle (by means of an adhesive tape).