Doll cook yourself: 2 master classes, video / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Doll cook yourself: 2 master classes, video / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

The main task of the dolls was always entertainmentchildren. For a long time people have occupied with such toys of their young ones, so that they do not interfere with their parents to run their farms and work. But today the doll acquires new functions, becomes an art object! Entire collections are being created, and products created manually are especially appreciated. Today, we collect a doll for a thematic collection. The doll-bagnitsyne can do without the "working" part:

  • From the fabric number 3, cut out the detail for the tunic (size about 45 * 74 cm). Sew along the edge of the 45 cm face down inside.
  • At the bottom of the tunic, leave a gap for the gum.
  • From above grab the "skirt" with a few folds and sew to the body of the cook.
  • Insert down the elastic band, tighten so that your hand passes freely inside.
  • Cut out the collar from the same material. Sweep and sew in the neck to hide the seam between the tissues # 1 and # 2.
  • It remains only to decorate the doll:

  • Sew her beads instead of eyes or buy glass eyes in the store for creativity.
  • Draw with acrylic or paint for textiles a blush on the cheeks / freckles, a smile.
  • Eyebrows and mustache can be cut out of felt and glued, and you can draw or embroider with flossy floss.
  • For tailoring the apron of the ikolpak, use fabric No. 4 and finished patterns.
  • A package with packages is a relic of the past. A new doll-cook-a convenient organizer, which will become a stylish addition to the interior of the kitchen and will bring great benefit to its owners.


    The handmade doll is an assistant in the household, a good decoration element and an excellent gift. Today you have learned how to make a crochet kolgotokili to make a funny paketnitsy in the form of a cook.