Female footprints in the diagram and description of the video lessons

Female footprints in the diagram and description of the video lessons


Comfort in the house is connected with a comfortable sofa, in orderEach room, being away from home, so I want to put on my favorite slippers. You can make them yourself, and you can wear knitted needles not only at home, but also take them on trips. The knitted article takes up little space, weighs a little, it can be used as heels in autumn and winter shoes.
The description of how to tie tracks with knitting needles will help novice craftsmen to quickly cope with the job and confirm the correctly chosen course for experienced knitters.

Effective model of tracks with flowers

Yarn Consumption: To unseal the measurements 36-39 sizes, 50 g of pure yarn of 100% microfiber (Leggero), 160 m / 50 g, and the remaining lilac, yellow threads for the dressing of decorating flowers will be needed.

We knit together with knitting needles number 4. For decorative decoration you will need a hook # 3. We knit an article with a density of 16 loops and 33 rows = 10 × 10 cm with a plain pattern.
Description: for each female trace we unfasten 2 details - the top and the sole.
Sole: For tying the soles on the spokes, we collect 8 clusters of purple yarn and we sew the cloth with a smooth face, on each side doing the rounding as follows: we add through the strip of 2 x, and then in each 4th strip of 3 x 1 n. We fasten on the wire 18 sts Before reaching the detail on the spokes of length 19.5 (21) cm. The sole of the female trail is knit, rounding off the two edges according to the shape of the foot, decreases: in each 4-rd river. 3 x 1 and through the series 1 x 1 n. When the length of the piece is 24.5 (26) cm, we close all the loops on the spoke.
To tie up the top of the female heels,We type on the needles 8 pcs of purple yarn and knit with a placard pattern, adding for rounding the details from two sides through a strip of 2 x and in each 4-m 3 x 1p. On the wire, we obtain 18 pt., Knitting continues to the length of the detail of the shoe 8.5 (9.5) cm. Closes the center at 4 pts and alternately we unfasten both parts. Start with the left, without touching the hinges on the spoke for the right side or by removing them on the pin.
Continue knitting, c the inner edge of the leftClosing parts for rounding through p. 1 x and in the subsequent each 4-m 1 x 1 n. Remaining on the spoke 5 sts we fix a part of the tracks on the spokes to a length of 18 (19.5) cm. From the inside we add 1 st, through p. 3 x and in each subsequent 4-m - 1 x 1 p. On the spoke there are 10 pcs., They are tied to the length of the piece 27.5 (29) cm, we leave the hinges on the extension. Spoke and similarly we sew the right half.
Assembling of female knitted marks: The loops of the upper part are connected and sewn to the sole so that the joint is inside. Crochet around the upper edge of purple yarns st. B / n and "racy move." For the strap of the fastener, we recruit a lilac yarn of 17 p. And perform a handkerchief pattern, at a height of 1 cm of the band to be cut we make a hole (together 2 sts faces, 1 cape) for fastening and we knit another 1 cm with a smooth face. Close the hinges, we unfasten the second strap and sew the straps to the inner edge of the heels so that the clasp is on the outside.
Knitting of the tracks continues with decoration. For both of the heirs, we bind six yellow (A) and pink (B) flowers. We decorate women's heels by placing flowers on the top of the shoe. We use a pink flower as a button.
Scheme of flower decoupling A: 1 in. Lifting loop and 3 more heads. * 1 pico (3 stitches, 1 connecting st. In the 1st stitch), 1 tbsp. C / n in the set up. Eyelet. Repeat from * three times, finish 1 pico, 1 connection. Art. In the 3rd initial loop.
Flower B is knitted according to the scheme: Execute a chain of 6 air. Etc. and connect in a circle of 1 tbsp. B / n; To tie for lifting 1 vzd. P., * 2 tbsp. B / n, 1 polust., 1 tbsp. С / н, 1 полуст., Circle to complete 1 tbsp. B / n. Vvolnit three times from *, finish 2 tbsp. B / n, 1 polust., 1 tbsp. С / н, 1 полустолбик, with a column to connect with the air loop of the beginning. You will see a photo of the spectacular model of purple healers in the article.
On the video you can see the master class how to tie the tracks without seams.
Video: Seam-free

Female heirs of Norwegian style

On the bound female footprints of the sizes36-39 leaves 50 grams of gray and white pure woolen yarns 120 m / 50 g. For work need knitting needles No.3.5, hook number 3. Density of the sample: 23 p. X 23 rows = 10 x 10 cm. Scheme 1 and 2 of the Norwegian ornament with the description of the notation is attached.
When performing color knitting on a counting schemePersons. R. You need to knit people. Smooth, and even to unbind the pattern. To prevent the appearance of holes in the canvas, when changing yarns, fibers of different colors must be crossed on the wrong side of the work, and always bound with a yarn of two colors. Scheme 1 from the 1st to the 44th row we knit once, then the rows 41-44, but without increasing the loops.
Female heels knit from 2 parts, the Norwegian drawing of Scheme 2 is performed 1 time with 1-33 rubles, using the previous description.

Knitting traces begin with a set of 31 p. Gray yarn and 1 p. Purplish smoothness. Then we perform 44 p. Two-colored ornament according to the scheme 1. Knitting is continued, through each edge stretching the next located n, and to 29 loops of the top, additionally picking up 31 n. We sew all 60 stitches round, tying the two-colored ornament of Scheme 1 to 29 sts of the sole, and by 31 sts. Top - ornament of the scheme 2.
Decrements at the top should be combined withDecreasing on the sole (the third and fourth rivers of the sole knit with the broach, and the third and fourth on the other hand - to tie the people together). After completing 33 r. Top to perform a reduction, tying together persons of 2 n. All the loops are closed, the lateral parts of the heel sewn, trace along the edge of gray yarn in three rows of Art. B / n tying. A photo of Norwegian-style female traces can be seen in this article.

Video lessons and a master class will help to makeSlippers-are tracked with a high heel. Lessons learned together with the description will become the base that will allow knitting scissors to a different foot size, use different patterns of patterns, in one word - create.
Video: Tracks with jacquard pattern

Video: Original tracks with your own hands