Cross-stitch the signs of the zodiac in diagrams

Cross-stitch the signs of the zodiac in diagrams


Embroider a cross can not only pillow orNapkin, but also metrics, and images with constellations. Depending on the experience and perseverance of the needlewoman for embroidery, schemes of varying complexity can be used.
For beginner embroiderers, it is better to choose something simpler that would not throw embroidery in the middle or not get confused in complex color transitions.

Simple signs of the zodiac

This embroidery consists of twelve different coloredZodiacal constellations, drawn schematically. You can use them both on one canvas, and separately. For example, a small piece of embroidery can be used on a medallion or napkin.
To embroider this picture you can use a color canvas. The main thing is that its color is different from the color of the thread. All pastel colors will do.
To embroider the signs of the zodiac, you can choose colors that are different from those shown in the diagram. To embroider each element, only two tones of the same color are required.
Choose the outline of any number, it depends on itSize of the finished work. From the canvas depends on the choice of thread: embroidery is produced in two or three threads. Pay attention, the bigger the canvas, the more threads you will need. The work is embroidered in technique with a complete cross.
If you are embroidering a full set of constellations, then the finished work will need to be completed. You can embroider a frame in the picture, or you can use a wooden or plastic frame.

Children's zodiac signs

To design a metric or picture for a childRooms are used in the arena of children's constellations. This is something between the multgeroi and the zodiacs. Funny pictures carry a special meaning that the child will understand in time.
Also, you can use them when embroidering a pillow or decorate bedding and a children's shirt.
The complexity of their embroidery is not high. The number of colors is no more than a dozen. The main thing is to choose bright colors and high-quality material.
Use Gamma or floss yarn. In this case, you are provided with reliable material.
That the picture looked beautiful, take a shallow or medium canvas. The smaller the size of the cross, the more realistic it will look for each sign of the zodiac.

For each constellation and for each of its elements uses its own color scheme.
It is best to choose the canvas of neutral milk or blue.
Even if you are embroidering one element of the general scheme,The picture will be rather big. And the whole collection of constellations will require a large canvas. If you take a shallow canvas for this work, then the size of the picture will be smaller.
The technique of embroidery is called a complete cross. The thread is doubled. Start with the left edge, filling the canvas with a cross is made from the top down. If you are embroidering several elements, then observe the same order.

Stylized zodiac signs

If your house is decorated in the same style, and you want to emphasize the unusual interior, embroidery "Stylized zodiac signs" will suit you.
The picture is a beautifully designed table, in cells of which are arranged in order all the twelve constellations.
This embroidery is externally simple: only a few threads are used. But the amount of work is quite large. If your house does not have a place for a big picture, then take a small canvas for embroidery.

That the picture was bright and voluminous, embroider a thread in half. If you use a thread in one addition, the embroidery will be illuminated.
Embroidery is done with a full cross. Start embroidering with Aries from the top corner, gradually get down down, doing embroidery one elements after another. When all the elements are embroidered, pull the canvas on a dense base and place it in the frame. The frame is selected for the color of the picture itself.

Picturesque constellations

Do you want to prepare a good gift for a loved one? Make a beautiful embroidery cross with his zodiac sign. Schemes of each constellation are a work of art.

There is also a sky strewn with stars, and images of all the signs of the zodiac and picturesque execution of the element that is key.
General constellation schemes, arranged in a circle, include the marked basic.
To embroider this work, choose a black or dark blue canvas. It will serve as a night sky for bright constellations.
Depending on the element, the frame for the central figure is executed in different colors, and the central part has its own scheme for each sign.
The work will look more organic on the shallow or medium canvas. Pick up strings of bright colors, so that they stand out against a dark background.
Embroidery is made in the technique of a full cross, a thread in two pieces. It can be either matte or glossy. For small elements of the picture, a joint is used.
The complexity of this embroidery is average. Zodiac signs are made in a degree of varying complexity, and the background can not be embroidered completely - this will reduce the degree of complexity.
Ready work in a baguette light color, to shade the beauty of the picture, embroidered with a cross.

Schemes of the zodiacal constellations