How to make a paper tulip in origami technique

How to make a paper tulip in origami technique

Recalling the greatest hit of the popular singer "YellowTulips ", not everyone will agree that the spring primroses are messengers of separation. Creative fiction is left on the conscience of songwriters, because in fact, elegant buds symbolize the arrival of heat, the awakening of the blooming nature and the thrill of sensual relations. But wait for the spring to enjoy this beauty, not necessarily, because today we will share with you how to make a tulip of paper to decorate your house with bright colors at any time of the year. Beautiful tulips from paper with your own hands Experts of origami origami paper tulip is notEspecially makes it difficult to fold, and for beginners to master the eastern art below is a step-by-step instruction that will help to fold the flower from the first stage in stages. We will slightly complicate the task and we will suggest you to compose a tulip from modules - two separately folded parts (bud and stem). In general, the foot of a flower can serve as a handy twig or wire. Thus, in addition to colored paper and, possibly, alternative materials for the pedicel, we do not need anything.

Modular origami: Dutch tulip

The Netherlands is rightfully considered a country of tulips. Here they are presented in an unlimited variety of colors and varietal varieties. When you are going to make a tulip from a paper in the image of a classic Dutch flower, make it from a colored, perhaps even corrugated, paper of any shade (except green so that the bud does not merge with the stem). The natural colors of Dutch tulips are counted in hundreds of overflows, so you definitely will not go wrong with the color. We make a bud of paper tulip according to the scheme We fold the paper bud according to the scheme

  • Square sheet folded in one by one, and then along the second diagonal, adhering to the scheme 1. Then make one more folding line of the sheet - in half. Unfold the workpiece;
  • On the planned folds, fold the sheet in the right triangle by tucking it in from two sides (see how to do in Figure 1);
  • Open the corners of the workpiece to the top of the triangle (to the right corner) on both sides. The assembly scheme will help to deal with this unerringly;
  • Soon the paper flower will open in its splendor, but for now turn the workpiece into the second plane, closing the bends on both sides. Get an even square from the bottom, and from the "face";
  • How to bring the origami tulip to the end? Elementary: the opposite corners of the workpiece are diagonally wrapped around each other, making the base of the flower an acute angle. It is necessary to sweep one corner to the other, and then fill one bend in the pocket of the other.

You managed to lay down the flower and comprehended the subtletiesHow to make a tulip of paper with your own hands. But your flower has not yet blossomed. Carefully inflate the bud from the base and arbitrarily unbend the petals. Now everything is ready, and now you have something to decorate the room, what to give moms and grandmothers for the holiday and how long to take her growing up daughter. By the way, if you liked to make paper flowers, then pay attention to the scheme of origami roses from plain or corrugated paper. We promised you that it will be a tulip of modules - more complicated than simple paper crafts. Let's plant the prepared buds on a figured pedicel. We can make it from a green sheet of the appropriate size: We make the stem-leg of the origami tulip according to the scheme Carefully make a stalk, connect with a bud and get a paper tulip from the modules!

  • Squeeze the square sheet diagonally. To one of them, bend the 2 edges, bringing them to the center. One corner of the workpiece turns out to be sharp;
  • Now bend the bottom sides of the workpiece to the center (arbitrary, inaccurate - the proportions are not particularly important);
  • Reinforce the lower parts of the workpiece inward, invert the bundle and fold it in half across;
  • Now fold the bundle along from yourself. The upper petal of the craft is turned outward and squeezed, then spread the floral pedestal, put the bud on the stem with a spectacular petal. The tulip from the modules is put together - a gift for mom on March 8 is ready. (It remains only to make a postcard and put it in a self-made paper envelope)

The paper tulip is ready! The paper tulip is ready!

Modular origami: the Tien-Shan tulip (Figure 2)

Look at Fig. 2, if you want to understand how to make an artifact similar to the real colors of the foothills of the Tien Shan. These tulips in the technique of origami are not at all more complicated than the previous ones - they differ only in the way they bend the "corner into the pocket" (see Figure 2). How to make a tulip of paper with your own hands After completing these tulips from paper on their own, do notForget to lay down pedicels for them. They, as you have already learned, can also be made of green paper. Technique is elementary: if you have mastered the "Dutch" scheme, then fold this flower even faster. Such homemade looks great. Especially from afar - it is quite possible to mix up with the present primrose. But do not stop with one bud! It is better to fold the whole bouquets, where each flower will complement the overall composition? After all, a large bundle of tulips is much more pleasant to give than a single bud. And in the interior the bouquet will play quite differently. And do not forget to show the children how to lay down a tulip from a square leaf for the grandmother for the jubilee or International Women's Day on March 8. Bouquet of paper tulips Large bouquet of paper tulips