Knitted bags with knitting needles of different models with description and scheme

Knitted bags with knitting needles of different models with description and scheme


Knitted bags always attract attention,Like any other thing done by themselves. The beauty of them is that they always approach the tone of things, since they usually knit from the threads of the same shade. Bags can be manufactured according to different schemes, but in this article we will consider the simplest, designed for beginner needlewomen.

Method number 1

We will make by hand the most simple handbag. Consider the main picture:

  • 1p. - 1LP, 2n remove (thread in front) - repeat this combination, finish the series 1LP;
  • 2p - all LP;
  • 3p and all the following - this repetition of rapport 1-2 p.

We knit fairly tightly - on a square of 10 by 10 cm - about 15p and 26 rows.

We knit with knitting needles. We begin with 31p. The main work is the main pattern, how to relate it is described above. After 40 cm it is necessary to close the eyelets. The result is a rectangle 22 * ​​19 cm. We sew a handbag on each side. To handle the plait pigtail from the threads in several additions. Its length is about 80 cm before you finish the weaving - try on the handle to make it convenient for you to carry your purse. The bottom of the product is decorated with brushes. To do this, take the thread in two pieces about 40 cm long. Using a hook, the filaments folded in half are sewn to the bottom edge of the product. On each relief strip should be a brush. Even as an ornament, beads of different colors are perfect.

Method number 2

We knit a rectangle of 29.5 * 10.5 cm. This will be the bottom. You can do this with both knitting needles and crochet.

When the bottom is ready, on its perimeter we dial on circular spokes 180 p. We must try to get a symmetrical pattern to collect the same number of loops on each side.
As a pattern for knitting, the "Spit" drawing is used here. This is a very simple drawing, so that any needlewoman can do it by themselves.
Schemes of the central (a) and side (b) patterns are shown in the photo below.

The height of the handbag can be adjusted at will. On average, this is 26-28 cm. As soon as the height has reached the desired, the eyelets are closed.

Do not forget that for knitted handbags it is best to sew a lining. It's enough just to cut the bottom and side parts of the lining from a special material and sew everything on the sewing machine.
Handles can be purchased at the store and sewed on a bag or sewed most.

Method number 3

Knitted bags with ruches will be perfectAddition to the summer dress and evening dresses. Handbag on the photo size of approximately 30 * 25 cm. For it you will need 300 grams of yarn of the primary color and 50 grams of another color for finishing, spokes number 5.
We will knit with a density of 17n * 22p per square 10 * 10 cm in size.
The pattern used in this model is called "Rice". It is performed as follows:

  • 1p - 1LP, 1IP along the entire length;
  • 2p - over each LP must be associated with the IP, over the IP - we knit the LP (scheme 2p will be repeated in the next rows).

Bottom. We dial 112p, we sew around a circle about 5 cm with the main pattern. Finish the job 1 р ИП. While the bottom is put aside.
Ruches. On the round spokes we gain 168 p. Non-main color. The first row is some of the first. Change the color to the main one, continue to knit 8 more circles with the eyelets. The next circle is connected like this: 1LP, 2LP together, 1 LP, 2 LPs together - and so on all round. Next - again a number of some IP. The first frill is ready. It must be connected to the bottom of the purse. To do this, each loops of the bottom are tied with a loop from the ruche.
We continue to knit the main pattern - we riseUp by 5 cm further - turn the second ruche. Knitting patterns of all ruches are the same. Linking them with their own hands will not be very difficult. You can prepare in advance 3 ruches, and then just attach them to the canvas. We attach 2, 3 and 4 ruffles, tying between them again about 5 cm pattern "rice".
After we managed to link and attach 4Ryush, we sew 1p PI. Finish the top of the product as follows: 2LP, 2LP together, 2 LP, 2LP together - and so on the whole circle. As a result, you will have 84p. The next 5 cm knit with needles on the pattern. The penultimate row - all eyelets, the last - purl. Then close.
It remains only to make by hand and handlesFor our knitted handbag. Their width is 6 p. The pattern is the main one, "rice". Length - which will be more convenient for you, usually about 35 cm. All you need to do is make 2 handles and sew them.

Method number 4

Knitted bags of bright colors perfectly complement any wardrobe, attract the attention of others. Tie them in addition a hat with a scarf - and you'll just be irresistible.
Another interesting model, made knitting needles. The dimensions of the finished bag - 30 * 30 cm on it will go 250 g thread.
First, dial 43p. Next - the main drawing according to the scheme. Thus we sew 81 cm.
The lateral part will go into the handle, so its length is about 150 cm. The width of the sidewall is 7p. We type them and perform a pearl pattern: 1LP, 1IP. In every second row, the pattern is shifted by 1n.
We begin to collect our knitted handbag. From the wrong side we sew the first sidewall with both sides of the shelves. We sew the sidewall on the other side. Then turn the bottom. We decorate the product with a beautiful clasp.
Knitted bags - an interesting detail of the women's wardrobe. Do not neglect it. Create and you will always look on top.

Video: We knit a summer bag with knitting needles "honeycomb" pattern

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