Knitted sweaters with knitting needles with an openwork pattern (photo, diagram)

Knitted sweaters with knitting needles with an openwork pattern (photo, diagram)


Stylish and elegant knitted sweaters areAn integral part of any women's wardrobe. There is a huge number of different models of knitted sweaters for women, so every craftsman, whether a beginner or a real professional, can certainly find a suitable knitting pattern for herself.
Today we want to tell novice masters about how to make a wonderful
. Such a light lady's sweatshirt will undoubtedly become the main decoration of your wardrobe. It will fit perfectly not only with skirts or classic trousers, but also with more democratic jeans.

Conventional notation

To tie a smart sweater with knitting needles for a woman you will need:

  • Light gray yarn, consisting of 100% cotton - 450g (500g, 550g, 600g), depending on the size you need;
  • 4 and 4,5 spokes;
  • Circular knitting needles No. 4;
  • A small diagram, as well as a table of symbols;
  • Pattern of the product.

The density of the pattern in this model of the female jacketIs 10X10 cm = 26 r.X17p. In describing this model of a female blouse for beginners, you will encounter some abbreviations and generally accepted designations, so we recommend that you familiarize yourself with them in advance:

  • number - p .;
  • Loops - n;
  • nakida - n .;
  • Facial - persons;
  • purl - PHI .;
  • Edge - chrome.

If you see "*" then this means that this knitting site needs to be repeated from the first * to the second *.

All female crocheted sweaters with patterns usuallyAre designed for several sizes. An exception was not and this model, which has a fairly wide range: 36/38 (40/42, 44/46, 48/50). Separately it is worth noting the fact that the pattern in this women's summer model is knitted strictly according to the scheme. All actions are repeated from the first to the eighth r.
In this model for women, the first series of hemming consists of the inverted n. Co 2 through 6 r. Matches the faces. Smooth surface. Then we continue to knit along the rows:

  • No. 7: chrome., * Two eyelets are tied together for a long time., N., after that, from * repeated persons. And chromium;
  • № 8-13: we knit people. Smooth;
  • № 14: wrap the hem inside and go to 4,5 knitting needles. We impose one loop of the typing p. Together with a loop on the main spoke. Loops are done with facial.

Knitting process

Women's sweaters, as a rule, begin to knit from the back:

  • After knitting at the number of 4,5 knobs is 85 (93, 101, 109), go to knitting needles at number 4 and start knitting with the teeth;
  • Return to the tool number 4,5 andDistribute knots for knitting with an openwork pattern: chrome., Before the arrow 5n., Repeat the repeat 9 (10, 11, 12) times, which is 8 points between the arrows, after 2 hands should be 6 and edge;
  • Nrovazav 30 cm openwork pattern on both sides close the loop for the armhole: 1x3 (4, 5, 6);
  • Then in each subsequent 2 p. Close: 1X2p, 3 (4, 5, 6) X1 p;
  • As a result, at this stage of creating a sweater with knitting needlesYou should remain 69 (73, 77, 81), etc. Beginning masters at the time of knitting should periodically check themselves and compare so that the number of loops is the same as in the description;
  • Having connected 17 (18,5, 20 or 21,5) cm of knitted clothYou can begin to form a cutout. To do this, from the beginning of the armhole it is necessary to close the loops located at the center: 35 (37, 39, 41) and complete the knitting on the left side;
  • To make the cut turned out to be rounded on the inside of the product, you have to close the loops in each 2p .: 2x4n;
  • Then you need to tie another 1.5 cm from the neck and you can close the remaining loops.

The front part of the knitted blouse matches the same pattern as the back, which in turn significantly facilitates the work of each novice. But, the cutout for her is much deeper:

  • Having executed from the beginning of an armhole 14,5см (16см, 17,5см, 19см) close the central loops: 27 (29, 31 or 33);
  • Then finish knitting the left side;
  • To round off the resulting cutout is necessary in each 2 p. On the inside, close the hinges: 1X4, 1X3, 2X2, 1X1;
  • The remaining on the shoulders of the n. Are closed after a further 4 cm is tied.

Having connected two basic details of a jackets for beginners it is possible to start creation of sleeves:

  • We begin work with spokes number 4,5. On them we gain 63 items;
  • Then go to the working tool at number 4 and do a dent with the teeth;
  • We return to the working tool with number 4,5And distribute the loops for the chosen pattern: chrome., Out., Before the arrow 5 p., Repeat the report 6 times, after the second arrow we do 6 sts, purl and edge;
  • Tie 7cm (7cm, 5cm, 5cm) from two sides add hinges for the bevels: 1X1;
  • In the subsequent 18p. (14p., 12p., 10p.) Also make an increase: 2 (3, 4 or 5) X1;
  • Having formed another 28.5 cm, it is necessary to close the loops of 1X3 from both sides (4, 5, 6);
  • Then close the loops in each subsequent 2 r: 2X3, 4X1, 2X2, 1X3, 1X4;
  • The remaining n are closed after 20 r.

Summer blouse with knitting needles is almost ready. All we have to do is collect all the details together. First of all, the seams on the shoulders are performed. Then a bar is formed: for this purpose, 104p are typed on spokes of a circular type. (108p, 112p, 116p.) And the work is closed. Then the beginning of the series is marked and the hem is knitted. 4 row of persons. The surface is sewn up to, as well as after the azhur. At the end, the eyelets close. The bar is carefully wrapped inside and sewn. Next, the seams are made on the sides and on the sleeves. At the end of the work, the sleeves are sewn. Adhering to the scheme, you can tie the same wonderful blouse as in the photo.
As we said earlier this model is verySimple, so it is suitable not only for experienced needlewomen, but also for beginners. The photo clearly shows that the pattern used to create this pattern, though not different at a particular level of complexity, still impresses the imagination with its exquisite beauty and unique softness. With some effort, even a novice needlewoman can fill up her wardrobe with a new blouse!

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