Maple Bead: a master class weaving autumn tree

Maple Bead: a master class weaving autumn tree


Today, very popular gizmos,made with their own hands. This is due to the fact that such gadgets are unique. Popular destinations is a hand made beading. Crafts look elegant and rich at the expense of the beads shine. Today we will make maple bead. This workshop is suitable not only for needlewomen with experience, but also for beginners.

Master-class weaving maple Bead

We need:

  • beads of red, orange and green colors;
  • wire;
  • glue;
  • thread;
  • Paper tape is green;
  • gypsum;
  • the form.

When you select the beads should not save. To Maple looked elegant and bright for a long time, the beads must be of high quality. If all you need is ready, you can begin to create maple.
The main and the only element to be mapleleaves. For weaving the leaves will use beads of different colors. As a result, the work looks so bright that decorate the tree with additional elements not necessary. Maple and so looks delicious and will decorate any room. Let's start our workshop.
Weaving maple leaves

  • Cut the wire into pieces of 20-25 centimeters. Such preparations should be 135. The number of prefabricated elements - 29;

  • Strung on a workpiece 3 red beads. Placed in the center. Right wire end is threaded into the leftmost bead, and the left - to the right. Tighten the ends so that a triangle;
  • We collect any loose end of the beads in the following order: red, orange, red. Threading a second free end in all three beads on the other hand. Tighten the ends of the wire;
  • We collect the beads in order: red, orange, orange, red. We fix the beads in this and the following rows as indicated in paragraph 2 and 3;
  • Gaining 3 orange beads;
  • We collect 2 yellow beads;
  • Gaining 1 green bead.
  • We got one segment of a maple leaf. In total there should be 4-5. In the process of weaving the last 3 rows of segments connected to each other.
    It remains to twist free of the wire harness and wrap the paper tape.

    This technique is called a parallel weave. You can find step by step diagrams and photos perform actions. There is a video detailing the intricacies of the work. You're making more 28 elements.
    Formation of branches If all blanks are ready, proceed to the formation of branches:

  • Take the 2-leaf and twist them together;
  • Likewise, gradually add the remaining
    a branch of maple.
  • Schemes of connection between the branches of trees in a variety of beading can be used: simple or complex.

    Assembling wood decor and the grounds of Our mapleBead consists of 5 branches. As soon as they are ready to join them together. It remains to wind thread maple trunk, fill it with a mixture of water, plaster and glue. Once the mixture is dry maple trunk need to paint the appropriate color, then "planted" in the mold. To a tree does not fall, the form is filled in the same mixture, as well as the trunk. It remains to decorate the base maple "moss." Imitation moss can be done with paint or use of beads. We reveal the basis of varnish. Maple Bead ready. To Maple had a beautiful shine, do not forget to clean the beads from the dust with a damp cloth.

    Video: How to Make Maple Tree Bead