Table Theater Wolf and the Seven Goats: from paper, crochet / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Table Theater Wolf and the Seven Goats: from paper, crochet / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

The Fairy-Tale Theater "The Wolf and the Seven Goats" is a favoritemany occupation. This is an opportunity to fantasize, show artistic inclinations, create sympathetic and characteristic characters, with which it is then interesting and exciting to play. Creating your puppet theater requires certain skills, skills, and most importantly, diligence and accuracy. Variants differ in complexity and design, and the proposed schemes assume the use of different consumables.

Paper and cardboard figures

The easiest way to make a table theater,using patterns made of paper or cardboard. Models designed for folding patterns in a circle are simple and stable. They need only be cut and rolled in these directions. Finger theater on a fairy taleSeparate options include bilateralmodel, when the back of the dolls is also real. A special scheme is used, according to which for the final formation of the toy it is necessary to fold the part in half. Dolls from paper for theaterIn order for the fairy tale to be interesting, the figures need to be supplemented with special stands. To do this, you can use half-cut packages from under the kinder-surprises. Paper Dolls for Fairy Tales Wolf and the Seven GoatsChildren's version of the theater with their own hands - heroes on sticks. In this case, only the heads of the heroes are drawn and cut, which are glued on specially prepared sticks of the same length. Dolls on sticks for theater

Knitted characters for a fairy tale

The puppet theater of knitted heroes possessestruly domestic warmth and living energy. Such dolls are knit in pieces, then collected and adorned at will. The main characters of our fairy tale are kids and wolves. The following scheme will tell how to tie a kid - one of seven brothers and sisters:

  • In Fig. 6 shows the details: head, horns and ears. Collecting them together, and also making out a muzzle, we receive third of work.
  • Fig. 7 - trunk. Its size is a fuzzy concept. The number of loops depends on the size of the planned toy.
  • Fig. 8 - foot patterns. It is necessary to untie them by the same principle of circular knitting with the subsequent packing of cotton wool or sintepon. You can provide the design of the lower part of the foot with a different color, for example, pink. To do this, you need to replace the thread of the main color with thread of pink color when knitting, and continue the corresponding part of the foot with a straight line according to the scheme or from above.
  • We connect the legs with the trunk (Fig. 9).
  • We collect all the details together, we get a pretty kid (Figure 10).
  • A fairy tale for that and a fairy tale, so that the charactersunusual and interesting. That is why you can put on a wolf, for example, sneakers from felt or theatrically dress the vest of the brightest color. Such theatrically executed wolf is a suitable character for any fairy tale. And seven goats can eventually become his friends. But this is a completely different story.


    Conducting home fairy tales, forvisibility needs a props. Perhaps it will be a house, a forest, an oven, where there was a secluded place for the youngest kid. You can make such details from paper (cardboard), plywood (if there is a master capable of sawing). Today, in this process, you can connect the designers that are available in almost every home. If there are no suitable, fit cubes. An easy option is to make a house out of a cardboard box. One wall can be left open - then it is interesting to move the acting heroes and the elements of the props inside. House for theaterOriginal version in the picture below. It is the same box in which the window and door are cut out. Art decoration and a picturesque decoration. House for a fairy tale about a wolf and seven kozyaltFor masters of a higher class, it will be possible to make a house as in the figure below. Then you can not escape the child's desire to simply play with such a dwelling, leading and rearing all its inhabitants. Wooden house for puppet theaterToday's toy world is so wide andis multifaceted, which allows the child to play for a long time independently, freeing the parents' time for their personal affairs. However, joint games, namely to such a home theater puppet, are rich not only fairy-tale miracles. They have parental warmth, spiritual communication and positive emotions. Let them be more in the life of your children.