The interior and exterior of the house in the style of a chalet (30 photos)

The interior and exterior of the house in the style of a chalet (30 photos)


    Chalet style home interior and exterior

    Rural houses inchalet style. The main reason for this choice is that modern man is trying to get closer to nature and become a part of it. The chalet-style house is associated with rustic simplicity, comfort and warmth. In the interior and exterior of such a house there are practically no artificial materials. And the abundance of wooden elements, a warm blanket and a fireplace shimmering in the twilight create the impression of a cozy house located in the Alps.

    Chalet style house exterior

    Typically, a chalet style house has a terracelarge sizes and several protruding balconies. A four-sloping flat roof is characteristic, the edges of which protrude beyond the perimeter of the house. Massive logs with minimal processing of the upper surface are used for the facade of the house, terrace and chalet-style decor elements. Externally, the house should look like reliable protection from severe weather. Therefore, the best decoration for the exterior of the house is the rough texture of the logs and the presence of knots on wood. Near the house, in most cases, there is a stone paved area on which wicker or wooden furniture is installed. Tables and chairs are perfect for gatherings, relaxation or lunch with your family. At the same site, a hearth or stove with open fire is installed. The hearth or oven can be used both for cooking and to serve as an excellent element in the decoration of the exterior of the chalet home. Chalet style house exteriorChalet style house exterior

    Chalet style interior

    The style of the chalet in the interior does not imply the presence ofstrict framework or any restrictions. The main rule for decorating a house in a chalet style is the use of elements of decoration and construction, furniture and decor items made of natural materials.

    Chalet Home Furniture

    Furniture used in chalet style interiors, likeusually simple with aging effect. Such furniture creates a cozy atmosphere and conducive to relaxation. Furniture decoration may have elements of fur or leather. Perhaps this furniture looks a little rough, but it is acceptable for this style. Massive wooden and wicker furniture is also possible. As for the color scheme of furniture, there are absolutely no frames and limitations. For example, the sofa may be covered with leather with the effect of artificial aging, or the classic soft version with a traditional plaid check. Do not underestimate the role of textiles in the design of a house in this style. The presence of knitted rugs and fur covers is very important in such an interior. Chalet style furnitureChalet style furniture

    Chalet-style decoration

    Major construction and at the same timefinishing materials are wood and stone. The chalet-style interior simply impresses with the sheer amount of wood shades used in the decoration. An integral element of the ceiling is massive, wooden beams of dark colors. To cover the floor, wooden boards are also used, which are varnished. But the main element of chalet-style decoration is a fireplace made of natural stone. Chalet-style decorationChalet-style decoration

    Interior color palette - chalet

    Mostly chalet style colorsconsists of natural, light shades of wood. The walls have pastel colors: beige, cream, terracotta. This design adds a special touch to the interior. The walls can be decorated with wood, decorated with hand-painted or carved. The used textiles are also dominated by natural, light shades. Chalet-style interiors can be revitalized with vibrant accents. It can be small bright objects of wine or brick color. Chalet-style interior color paletteChalet-style interior color palette

    Chalet style interior decor

    The elements of decor when creating a chalet style canbe a variety of forged products, rustic embroidery or wooden frames with family photos. The room can decorate an old handmade buffet, or an antique wall clock. Carpets made of natural fibers are placed on the floor. Animal skins can be a good substitute for such carpets. Stuffed wild animals and various attributes of hunting will perfectly fit into this atmosphere. The walls of a house or apartment can be decorated with photo frames, tapestries, embroidered paintings and other interesting objects created by the craftsmen. Not the least role in the interior of the chalet is lighting. Lighting in a room of a similar style should be soft, a little muffled and create a cozy atmosphere in the house. Therefore, it is best to use small lamps that mimic the fire of a candle. Chalet-style decorChalet-style decor

    Chalet-style kitchen and bathroom

    Particular attention when designing a home in styleChalets need to be given to the bathroom and kitchen. The kitchen furniture is made of unpainted artificially aged wood. In order not to violate the integrity and harmony of the rustic style, all modern technology should be hidden. Pottery is a great addition to a chalet style kitchen. Instead of the familiar kitchen cabinets, you can use wooden shelves. Chalet style kitchenChalet style kitchen The bathroom is characterized by the presence of retro-taps and waffle towels. You can complement the atmosphere with a bright rug on the bathroom floor and linen curtains. Chalet style bathroomChalet style bathroom Do you like the article? Share on social networks!