Panda toy with own hands, patterns, photo, master class / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Panda toy with own hands, patterns, photo, master class / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Tell me, how many of you have been to China? Probably not very many. But almost everyone knows the pet and the national symbol of this country - the panda, this black and white bear cub, almost always chewing bamboo twigs. Everyone who loves this funny animal with tenderness can recreate it with their own hands, making a toy copy so that it can be constantly admire this handsome man, receive joy and pleasure from communicating with him; and that this animal reminded us of a real big bear, which must be preserved for future generations.

We prepare materials

sew a panda

  • Synthetic fur (white and black).
  • Scissors.
  • Needles of different sizes.
  • Threads are black (mulina).
  • Threads of different strength (white and black).
  • Buttons or large beads of black color.
  • Soft stuffing for filling of volumetric parts of a toy (sintepon, foam rubber, etc.).
  • panda patternThe next step is to prepare a pattern. It all depends on how your soft toy will look. Create your own hands the desired image of a bamboo bear in the size you want or copy the existing one. After that, break the figure into its component parts, from which our animal will subsequently gather. (For the finished patterns see below).

    Operating procedure

  • We cut out from the dense cardboard all the elements of the body of the panda.
  • We transfer the image on the back of the fur black or white (depending on the coloration of a particular part of the body); do not forget to make an allowance for the seam from all sides.
  • Cut out the resulting shapes.
  • After that you need to sew on the wrong side of thetwo components (front and back halves) each part of the trunk, then turn it out by placing inside the filler we have. As a result, you should get a soft toy, as if disassembled for spare parts.
  • Now we need to sew a whole bear cub together: we sew the ears to the head, to the trunk - the head, the front and back paws, the tail.
  • Finally, from the black threads of the mulina on the head of the panda, we create a cute mouth, a spout, we sew eye-pushers.
  • A soft toy, made by own hands, has an extraordinary warmth and special energy, which is intuitively felt by both children and adults.

    Toy Panda - Patterns

    You can also sew a toy bear with your own hands made of faux fur, fleece or a towel. Patterns and appearance of the panda: The procedure is the same as described in the beginningarticles. The color of the details when cutting them out of the fabric is determined in accordance with the original. There are hints on how to properly assemble all the details of a bear cub into a holistic soft toy. In all the resulting parts of the trunk, we put in the filler. And to sew a panda - the pillow is very simple, see the video lesson: Well, we have replenished the world of soft toys with hand-made bamboo bears - pandas. Let them live comfortably in you, and let them warm the hearts of all who touch them!