Transfer of threads of dms to scale and an overview of the producers of mulina (table)

Transfer of threads of dms to scale and an overview of the producers of mulina (table)


Mulina was discovered in the late 19th century by the French company DMC, which gave this name to non-stitching embroidery threads.
And all the other companies producing similar threads began to use the invented DMC term. But, despite the huge popularity of quality
From DMC then and today, more and more often handicraftsmen prefer local firms whose products are cheaper, and the quality is not worse than foreign analogues.
In the Russian stores there are more10 brands of embroidery thread: DMC, Gamma, Anchor, Madeira, PNK im. Kirov, MayFlower, DOME, JP Coats, Ariadna, Belka, Bestex, Finca, Semco (and others) and ready-made embroidery kits from Dimensions, Lanarte, Panna, Pinn, Riolis, Alice, Golden Fleece, Heritage Crafts, Vervaco, E.

That's why the translation table is so relevant today.The mulina. After all, almost all schemes for embroidery are created under the threads of a certain company and to replace colors at random, without a table, is very risky, otherwise the result may be a complete discrepancy in the shades.
Not everyone has the opportunity to buy expensiveMulina from foreign manufacturers, that's why to replace the thread, for example, from DMC to an identical shade of Gamma or Anchor, a map of flowers is used for floss by numbers.

Mulino manufacturers

Consider the products of each company, including known and not so great, the advantages of their products.
Threads and sets for embroidery, made onThe DMC factory in France is widely known for its quality by needlewomen all over the world. The company always uses the most delicate dyes, resulting in bright, juicy, and most importantly very persistent colors. At the same time, the structure of the threads does not deteriorate and ecology does not suffer.
This is the main advantage of the company - the most harmless method of staining is used here. And quality can not cost too cheap.
Buying threads DMS masters understand that they payFor guaranteed quality and durability. The threads of DMC are glossy and silky, they do not get tangled, do not tear and are very pleasant to the touch. Embroidered by them the paintings are not shed even when washed in hot water and burned in the sun.
Advantages of DMS strands:

  • The palette of colors totals more than 400 shades;
  • Threads for more than 80 years retain color under constant sunlight and with regular washing;
  • Threads can be easily removed from the package;
  • It is pleasant to embroider threads, they lie flat and do not get tangled;
  • Using with embroidery many shades, guaranteed an ideal transition from color to color;
  • The palette of shades is applied almost in each scheme for embroidery;
  • Manufacturers of embroidery kits often take the palette from DMC as the basis.

Modern "Gamma" is not one, but a group of companies that makes garment accessories, leading among all other Russian manufacturers.
Mulino from Gamma is not inferior to DMC either in quality,Nor by latitude of shades. The specialists of the firm created a detailed table for matching colors to the floss, so that embroiderers could easily match the color range of the threads of other companies.
And the cost of domestic Gamma mule is lower than foreign ones, which makes it possible for needlewomen to save money on materials.
Gamma threads are also used for ready-made sets, helping beginners to quickly master the difficult craft of manual embroidery.

By the way, Gamma is one of the few who makes threads for machine embroidery.
Advantages of Gamma thread:

  • Are made of high-quality Egyptian cotton on modern foreign equipment;
  • Palette has about 500 shades;
  • Threads are painted with European dyes, pleasant and smooth;
  • Color durable, not inferior to the leading brands;
  • Reasonable price, convenient packing;
  • Threads are more opaque compared to the gloss and gloss of LCA.

There is only one restriction: ready-made embroidery from threads. Gamma is best washed at a temperature not exceeding 40 ° C and it is recommended to use gentle detergents when washing.
Mulina from the company from Britain Anchor - true English quality, noble shades, smooth and smooth, silky and soft.
Anchor threads are made from long-staple cottonWith double mercerization. What does this mean? Mercerization is called a special treatment with a solution of concentrated iodine to impart strength and silkiness to the threads.
Advantages of Anchor Threads:

  • Persistent and bright color, not shedding and not burnt in the sun;
  • Guaranteed quality and preservation of freshness of shades tested by generations;
  • Affordable price for quality foreign material;
  • A palette of shades - from 450.

From the minuses - these threads are not easy to find on sale in your city, you have to order them.
Madeira threads are also of high European quality produced in Germany from Egyptian long-fiber cotton, because of which they have a glossy gloss.
Threads as well as Anchor are twice mercerized, and their color is able to withstand temperatures above 90 degrees.
Due to the spiral packaging it is ensuredA convenient supply of threads, and the twist in one six thin threads is much easier to take the amount needed for embroidery, without entangling all the others. If you embroider, not separating into 6 layers, you can get a luxurious tapestry effect.
Madeira Mouline is ideal for creating portraits in view of the fact that they do not give too much gloss to the embroidered face.
The Kirov PNA
The threads of the Kirov PNA are manufactured at the plant in St. Petersburg with the help of specially developed chemical solutions that improve the quality of the floss.
The threads of the Kirov PNA are produced from the UzbekCotton, have good resistance to regular washing of the sun's rays. The mulina is very pleasant to the touch, smooth, bright enough and shiny. The paintings, embroidered with these threads, are unusually colorful and alive.
It is recommended to wash the embroidery only in cool water, with gentle detergents. And to dry the picture of the threads from the PKK im Kirov they need on a towel and in a straightened form.
Mulino Mayflower from a company from South KoreaDiffer a wide range of shades (about 430 shades), they obediently lie on the canvas and very soft. Despite the fact that the mulina of this company has a more delicate structure than all the others, however the quality is not inferior and the palette almost corresponds to the DMC palette, which is very convenient.
Coloring Mayflower is very persistent, has 6 additions. Many needlewomen say that threads are more convenient than VMS because of their fineness, because The crosses are denser.
Mulina perfectly withstand washing.
Polish Ariadne mouline appeared in the 19th century and today has many prestigious awards, which already characterizes the threads as very high quality.
Moulinet Ariadne also have resistance to external influences, are made from Egyptian mercerized cotton, do not become entangled in the process of embroidering, do not "swing", lie evenly.
The color palette is 330 shades.
Of the minuses - Ariadne's moulin is hard to find in Russian stores.
Mulina BELKA are Russian, butAre manufactured in China. The color palette is almost identical to DMC, so there is no difficulty in translating the shades of the table. The quality of the yarns is also not inferior to the French ones at a price two times lower, but the BELKA floss is slightly stiffer. In addition, these threads are hard to buy in a regular store, you have to search and order on the Internet.
However, the manufacturers of VELCA threads plan to squeeze out foreign competitors from the Russian market in the near future and so far it has been slow but successful.
Bestex floss made in China and have already managedTo win the needlewomen high quality, wide color palette (about 400 colors) and low price. Mark similarity with the Gamma mullet - some numbers even coincide, because here the translation of threads along the table is much easier.
Thread Bestex differ matte shade, brightness, docility and strength (do not get confused and do not tear).
Mouline does not sit down and does not molt when washing, do not fade, do not shine like DMC.
Many embroiderers rightly believe that Bestex will soon push the prestigious Madeira.
By the way, they are more economical to order from China than to buy in Russian stores.
Of the disadvantages - a little slippery, that is, constantly slipping out of the needle. But this is solved by a large tail left when embroidering.
Mulina Vestex are present in the sets "A wonderful needle".
FINCA Mulinoes are of excellent quality, produced in Spain from 100% Egyptian raw materials from fine and long cotton fibers.
In the manufacture of FINCA threads,Super-hard dyes, which gives them unique properties. This moulin is appreciated for its unrivaled quality, a wide range of popular shades, affordable cost. Even European embroidery designers are actively moving from VHI to flax to FINCA to implement their projects. Russian embroiderers use threads Fink, too, judging by the numerous positive reviews, really like.
"Darn" (or "Lilac")
Russian mulina "Shtopka" or "Lilac" haveA small palette (only 20 shades) are not exactly designed for embroidery, they are dull and pale, but also very high quality: resistant to washing and the sun, to the touch are soft and lie on the canvas perfectly. More suitable for those who have accumulated a lot of supplies from grandmothers. They embroider mainly those details of landscapes, where unnecessary gloss is unnecessary, that is, land, mountains and the general background. For the price they are very cheap.
J.P. Coats Sets from American company J.P. Coats are absolutely analogous to VHI, a unique quality mulina with a wide range of hues at a low price. But they are not on sale in Russia at all.
The most inexpensive mulina is Chinese, Indian and Bulgarian. But immediately use them for embroidery is not recommended, it is better to check the coloring for durability.

Embroidery kits

Embroidery kits Dimensions Of the companies that produce embroidery kits, the following are the most popular:

  • Dimensions (USA) sets are sold in a huge assortment and are completed with the highest quality materials;
  • Janlynn (USA) sets differ chic landscapes, pictures with children and animals;
  • Lanarte (Holland) sets have in their composition a convenient black and white symbolic scheme, and the process of embroidering on the set of Lanarte is extraordinarily fascinating;
  • Panna (Russia) sets are manufactured by Gamma company and bundled completely from the same company, so the cost of the sets is low, and the stories are very interesting and original;
  • Pinn (Thailand) sets are equipped with very high-quality materials, and are delivered to the territory of the CIS by Gamma;
  • Riolis (Russia) produces famous series"Create Yourself", "Riolis-Premium" and "Merry Bee" (for beginners). Each set contains high-quality components, and the package always indicates the number of shades of thread and the size of the finished embroidery;
  • Alice (Russia) sets contain mainly motifs of paintings by artists and original own photos. In the package there is always a simple and understandable scheme for even beginners. There is only no needle in the composition;
  • Golden Fleece (Russia) sets are completed with high-quality materials, detailed instructions and diagrams, which are very convenient to embroider;
  • Heritage Crafts (England) are distinguished by detailed sets, suitable and for beginners;
  • Vervaco (Belgium) sets are loved by embroiderers pillows technique printed cross. Thanks to these sets in a large assortment everyone can decorate the interior of his home to his taste.
  • A set of almost every set includes canvas, thread, needle, pattern and instruction.

    Matching table for floss Gamma, DMC, Anchor, Madeira Let's try to embroider in different sets to determine the best, most convenient and interesting option for yourself.
    Of course, the manufacturers of threads of floss and kits considered by us are only basic, in fact there are much more manufacturers.
    We made a review of those floss that are in the table of colors matching the mulina.
    The transfer table for the moulinet will allow you to embroider any mulina that you bought, even when to the scheme of the VMI or Madeira number not available to you at cost or location.
    I want to recommend a few points at the end:

    • So that the thread is not tangled or stiff with embroidering, keep the length of the thread at 50 cm, no more;
    • All flosses can withstand washing at high temperaturesTemperatures, but still we recommend that you do not erase the finished works in the machine, but manually and preferably at low water temperatures - so you are guaranteed to save the embroidery.
    • Ready work should not be squeezed or wrung out, much less dried in an auto-dryer.
    • To return the floss to the former shine you need to wash the work in warm water with vinegar added to it, which also prevents molting.

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