Ornaments from pencils by own hands

Ornaments from pencils by own hands

Color pencils are not only artisticTools for drawing, but also material for original and amusing crafts with their own hands. We suggest to make bright ornaments from pencils which for certain will like not only girls, but also their mothers. Pencil jewelry by one's own hands To make pencil jewelry, you will need:

  • Colour pencils;
  • hacksaw;
  • Fine sandpaper;
  • Drill and drills of small diameter;
  • Thread (for necklace);
  • Adhesive (for brooch and earrings);
  • Metal workpieces-bases for brooch and earrings.

How to make jewelry from pencils?

Beads from pencils own hands 1. First you need to make beads from colored pencils. You can use both hexagonal and round pencils. The approximate height of the beads in the photo is 7 mm. To cut beads, use a shallow toothed sharp hacksaw. Do not rush in the process of sawing pencils and do not apply excessive force. Thus, you are less likely to erase the paint on the outside of the pencil. Master class how to make pencil jewelry 2-3. Do not worry if the cut of the sawed bead looks sloppy. With the help of fine sandpaper, you quickly bring the beads into a neatly finished look. It will be convenient to fix a strip of nazhdachki on the table and rub about it a piece of a pencil. 4. Now drill a through hole in each bead with a small drill. In order not to drill a table, use a wooden stand. Beads of colored pencils After you have cut and drilled a small number of beads, it remains just to thread them on the thread - the beads are ready! Beads from pencils own hands Beads can be glued together and make a pendant, earrings and a brooch. Pendant - pencil jewelry with your own hands Of sharpened tips of pencils, you can also get an interesting decoration, and quite functional - you can write and draw with pencils! How to make pencil jewelry yourself The work is the same as in the previous version with beads. Hacksaw cut off the pointed tips of pencils, drill through small holes and thread.