Decoupage of New Year's balls with their own hands (photo and video)

Decoupage of New Year's balls with their own hands (photo and video)


About needlework in the technique of decoupage, have heard many alreadyLovers of creativity. Using her technique, you can turn simple objects into original handmade items. Since, winter festivities are approaching, try, make your own hands the New Year's decoupage of various things. The technique of decoupage is not as complicated as it might seem. It is suitable even for beginners. Try to create
From under the champagne or decoupage of candles, whichDecorate your holiday table. But the most interesting thing that can be done in this technique is decoupage of New Year balls and decoupage of Christmas toys, without which not one New Year's Eve is not enough.
Master-class, which in the article will be several examples, will help in a phased manner to understand all the subtleties of this process.

Fairy Christmas tree ball

The first master class, tells about the decoupage of New Year balls. Before conceiving such an event, you need to prepare materials and pictures that will be useful in decoupling New Year's balls. Namely:

  • PVA glue;
  • Simple ball without a pattern;
  • Acrylic lacquer and glossy;
  • decoupage glue;
  • Light acrylic paint;
  • Brushes;
  • Napkins and sponge for dishes.

Do decoupage of Christmas balls, we will remove fat from the sphere, using alcohol, and also, you can apply a detergent for glass.

Now, we will make our own hands craquelure, without applying a special solution. Apply on a New Year's ball, glue PVA, diluted with a little water.

And now, the master-class, will demonstrate an importantnuance. It is necessary, to overtake, the moment when the sphere will be practically dry, but not translucent, that is, not completely dried up. Using a dishwashing sponge, apply white acrylic paint to the entire surface of the bowl. Make hand movements that resemble the drawing of a large number of dots. If, you do the right movements correctly, you will be able to see how, before your eyes, cracks will form.

Use the hair dryer and dry the Christmas ball. After that, the necessary cracks become more visible and the right size. At the end of this process, you get a ball, which is shown in the photo. Leave it in a suspended state until it dries completely.

We proceed to the next phase, but only after the New Year ball has dried. Cover all of its smooth part, with soil. And then, start to glue the motifs of the napkin chosen by you.

Subsequently, if you did, and the ballDry, apply several layers of glossy varnish. Just do not rush to do it right away. Remember, every layer of varnish applied should dry well. Using your imagination, you can draw fairy motives, acrylic paints. Look at the photo, you have to leave such a New Year's ball, in front and behind, as shown in the photo.

New Year sketches and pictures in this technique,You can choose a radically heterogeneous nature. Let it be a Christmas theme, either children's, or even fictional characters. Connect the children to this case, and they will tell you who to portray on the ball.

Video: New Year's ball

We decorate candles with our own hands

In preparation for the New Year and other loved onesHolidays, we preliminarily, try to come up with gifts that we want to present to our dear people. Decoupling candles with a napkin, especially if the work is done by themselves, this is a wonderful choice in such a case.
The first master class will beWork, hair dryer and demonstrate how to make decoupage of heated candles. Still need materials such as thin and bright paper, also use napkins and pictures.
Prepare an ornament, in this case, it will be carved hearts of thin paper. To do this, we used a ready-made template.

Put your own hearts to the candles and press them with transparent paper. It can be parchment paper for baking.

The next stage of the work provides for the closureHands, gloves. Start heating with a hairdryer, a candle with parchment. This option of decoupage, useful in creating wedding candles. In this case, exploit the dried flowers.

And now, let's do a master class on decoupage of candles, which is suitable for beginners.
You will need candles and beautiful napkins. Take another kitchen sponge and glue.

Using such blanks, you can get a wonderful decorative material for decorating the New Year's table and home interior.
In a specialized store, you can always buy matte glue, as well as decoupage paper. If there is none, then use a napkin with a beautiful pattern in the right topic.
Peel off the napkin and attach the pictures to the candle in order to measure the right size.

Using a sponge, apply glue on the whole plane of the candle.

Now, with your own hands, fix the napkin on the candle. If possible, use polyethylene wipes to help you avoid damaging the pattern.

Leave such a craft before it completely dries. After that, again with the sponge we apply the same glue. The whole point is, the more layers of glue, the more your candle will be smooth.
The work is finished, look at the photo, what beauty can come out using the technique of decoupage.

We decorate a bottle of champagne

As already mentioned above, decoupage, thisSuch a technique that allows you to decorate yourself with objects and some details of your home interior, using simple napkins or decoupage cards. Some needlewomen, excel their skills and decorate in this way, mobile phones and laptops. But the most common work is decoupage of glass bottles and jars, namely bottles of champagne.
Customize yourself for what beginners loveDecoupage, it can turn out, do not immediately make a bottle of champagne. You will have to try and use more than one such bottle. But, if you make an ornament of such a thing, exclusively for yourself and your family, then the result should please you.
In order to decorate bottles of champagne, winter motifs, you will need such accessories:

  • A bottle of champagne;
  • primer;
  • PVA glue;
  • brush;
  • paint acrylic;
  • acrylic lacquer;
  • The contour is dark in color;
  • sponge for washing dishes;
  • scissors;
  • Holiday wipes;
  • Decorative material.

Take a bottle of champagne and soak all the stickers on it.

Degrease it with alcohol and with the help of a sponge, apply one tier of special soil, which is sold in the store for art classes.
After drying, apply a little tiers, acrylic paint, white shade. If you saw that the paint is a liquid consistency, apply it about 4 times. But do not overdo it, follow the measure.
If you have any problems on the tank, some irregularities, remove them using sandpaper.

Choose New Year motives, buying colorful napkins. Then, cut out the individual episodes, with scissors.
Glue the cuttings on the champagne bottle, from the center, the tree will be located, and on the back side, the clock will be stuck.

You can paste holiday greetings words, in different languages, which you can print on your computer. Use PVA glue.

In black outline, circle these words and leave until dry.
Sponge a golden paint on a white background. Do this by evenly distributing the layers. Gentle movements, paint the entire surface and even the inscriptions.

Do a second drawing of the letters using a black outline. As a result, they will become convex. And also draw the clock.

Take the glitter and put the points in a circleInscriptions. After drying, you'll see what happened. An image of a Christmas tree, we cover with crystal paste, which plays the role of snow. Another paste, around the edge of the gold foil.

Toys on the tree, will replace multicolored confetti, which are pasted on acrylic lacquer. Again leave the bottle, dry.
On black inscriptions, apply glitter with sparkles, and then, cover the whole craft with glossy acrylic lacquer, with further drying.

A kind of New Year's decoupage, it turned out, thanks toTo such a master class. Such a product, made by own hands, will take a worthy place on the festive table or become a gift under a tree, to one of friends.

New Year's snowflake

On the eve of the new year, I want to make myHands, a beautiful New Year's decoupage, namely decoupage of Christmas toys. Let's look at the detailed master-class, which consists of step-by-step photos, for beginners. We will need such tools:

  • A wooden hand-made snowflake;
  • Paper napkins;
  • glue;
  • lacquer;
  • Golden acrylic paint;
  • brush;
  • Sequins for decoration;
  • Sponge;
  • Two small bowls.

Sharpen the light paint by dipping a bast in it, paint the ice sheet from one side.
Leave the toy to dry for about an hour. And then, apply again one layer, and leave it for 1.5 hours, to completely dry.

Prepare a napkin with a suitable Christmas ornament. Expand it and separate the necessary fragments. Peel off the pattern from the white layers of paper.

Paint a snowflake from the back, also twoLayers of acrylic paint, making gaps between painting. When the workpiece dries, you can begin to make out it. Attach the illustration to the snowflake and stir the PVA glue with a little water, mixing it thoroughly. Dip the brush in the glue and start applying strokes from the very middle of the snowflake. Trim the edges and bend them, also gluing them with glue. Now, leave the craft for 2 hours.

Flip the snowflake and also zadekoriruyte herIn exactly the same way as described above in the text. After completely drying, cover the craft with varnish and leave it for a while. You need to apply three or four coats of varnish, taking breaks for drying. Ribs of snowflakes, paint with golden paint, using a thin brush.

Until the moment the product is completelyDried, sprinkle it with sequins for beauty. Pull a small bandage into the hole, for which the snowflake will stick on the tree. Decoupage of Christmas toys, completely ready. In the same way, you can make a decoupage of Christmas balls.

As you could see, decoupage, it's veryInteresting and entertaining technique. Crafts in this technique are relevant in any interior. They will not only be able to become part of your home, but also decorate it. Involve your children in this work. They not only help you make a New Year's decoupage, but will also make their own exclusive products.

Video: Decoupage of a New Year's Toy