Design of elongated loops while knitting on knitting needles

Design of elongated loops while knitting on knitting needles


Experienced and novice craftsmen with the help of threads andSimple tools are trying to create a knitted miracle. Mittens and sweaters perform dense patterns, decorate with braids and strings, for summer blouses, select air motifs, light openwork weaves.
Extruded loops can be easily and easily unfastened,This technique can be used in a variety of models, in simple and complex ways. These magnificent light sweaters are completely connected by the method of elongated loops. Such patterns look feminine, relevant and very creative. The principle of knitting is very simple, the more nakidov made on the spoke in the front row, the longer the loop will come out of the flattened outlets in the purl series.

Thanks to a variety of performance techniquesElongated loops, absolutely dissimilar models are obtained. One of the trends of the 2017 season is that large knitting can not do without the use of such loops, and this technique has already gained immense popularity among creative masters. Famous actress, top model Kate Moss also appreciated the lightness and some mystic air knitted models.

Pattern: The scheme and video lessons

A magnificent pattern of "Pletenko" from elongated loops is worth mastering any novice master. For the sake of clarity, the photo and the pattern of knitting, detailed instructions for a pleasant, creative work.

The note! Abbreviations in the description: П - loop, Р - row, Face - front, Iz - back, Crom - edge, Н-накид. The sample is connected at 20 p, at a height of 8 p, the rapport is indicated by arrows:

  • 1p - chrome, all individuals, chrome;
  • 2p - chromium, * 2n, 1 isot *, chromium;
  • 3p - crome, * 6p cross to the left, for thisTo lower all накиды from 6п on the right knitting needle, then to return all on the left knitting needle, 1,2,3 п to remove on доп. A spoke before work, tie 4,5,6 p, then 1,2,3 p persons *, chrome;
  • 4p - chrome, all of it, chrome;
  • 5p as 1p;
  • 6p - as 2p;
  • 7r - chrome, 3 n tie the faces, pull down the nacs,* 6p cross to the right, to do this, lower 6 n with the cuffs on the right spoke, then translate to the left, 1,2,3 n to transfer to the extra spin at work, tie 4,5,6 p and 1,2,3 p with Additional number of persons *, 3n to tie the faces, pull down the knuckles, chrome; 8p - as 4p.

The note! In the descriptions, the asterisks (**) are the rapports, i.e. Repeated to the end of the series of techniques for knitting.

Video: "A braid with elongated loops"
A master class of another master will help you to understand,How to tie the pattern "Pletenko", incredibly original and airy. Such a simple weave can be used for knitting of summer models and for finishing denser winter sweaters. How to knit elongated loops is clearly demonstrated by the video lesson of the needlewoman Svetlana, he will help understand the principle of knitting, learn the basics and understand how to apply it in practice.
Video: We knit the loosened loops
The note! Such patterns are two-sided, i.e. Look the same from the face and from the wrong side.

Warm loops and crocheted fur coats

The most common patterns, made with elongated loops, are called "Fur", are torn in different ways, very beloved by needlewomen and often used for finishing warm winter things:

One of the easiest ways to do thisThe original method - the "big finger" method. From one n, to untie persons and, without removing it from the left knitting needle, pull out a long loop from the working thread with his thumb. Then, unfasten the second person from the same hinge behind the back wall. As a result, it is obtained from one loop - faces, elongated detail of "Fur", faces.
Again, transfer them to the left knitting needle and tie the two together, thus fixing the elongated loop.
Depending on how thick the "fur" wantsGet the needlewoman, you can apply this technique on each loop, or through one, or in a checkerboard pattern. Such a pattern can decorate any product, giving it a density and warmth. But the famous designer designers went further, and applied this magnificent motif to create a whole line of winter clothes.

The real furor produced autumn - winterCollection of Blugirl Fall on the podium of high fashion. It seemed impossible to create with spokes practically fur coats from ordinary woolen and acrylic yarn. Guests of the show were amazed, stunning coats, jackets with turn-down collars, original armlets and even bags, all this splendor based on just one knitted pattern.
Models of black and white smooth yarns are made with the use of single elongated stitches, and in gray articles similar to astrakhan fur coats, double elongated loops are used:

Single elongated loops are performed in the front rows with a density in each loop or through one.
The classic loop of the pattern "Fur"By the "thumb" method (see above), can be integral or cut with scissors. The fastening of such a loop is reliable and will not dissolve if the thread is cut to simulate the animal's fur.
Double elongated loops are performed in out-of-sequence rowsMethod of "two fingers". In this case, one person is untied and the working thread is wrapped 2 times around the spoke and 2 fingers of the left hand. Of the 3n obtained, 2 persons are bonded, which fix the entire structure by passing one into the other. The loop is reliable, but it is not recommended to cut it on the canvas:

The use of elongated loops in knitting is wide and varied, it is worth experimenting and it is more likely that we will be able to find new original weaving methods in home yarn creativity.

Video master-class on knitting elongated loops

In conclusion, a video where a master class of a skilled needlewoman will show another common method of knitting elongated loops for the lapels of winter caps.

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