Details of the knitting pattern "Honeycomb" on spokes

Details of the knitting pattern "Honeycomb" on spokes


Chocolate zhaketik Eva Longoria madecreated a furor among the fashionistas. Needle women, knitters have rushed to develop the scheme, design patterns, after some time the internet filled with photos of similar styles, different colors, and with the author's additions. The well liked rukodelnitsam jacket? Color, concept, good combination with white knitted blouse, wide stand-collar, and most importantly, a magnificent knitted pattern. Two large bundles of interwoven braids effectively stand out against the fine relief pattern "honeycomb."
There are some basic techniques of knitting, whichmust know every beginner needlewoman, for example, the right and wrong surface, gum 2 * 2, with openwork nakida and, of course, pattern "Honeycomb." This motif is often found in current models, and learn how to knit quickly and easily.

The classic pattern "Honeycomb": snap

Notes to the Condensed:

  • n - loop;
  • individuals - face;
  • PHI - Wrong.

The popular, proven time pattern fitneedles in different variations. In several examples, you will notice a significant difference in methods. The note! "Honeycomb" refer to patent patterns, when the loop is removed, together with nakida!

Knitting patent loops in two ways:

  • nakida loop to remove without provyazyvaniya;
  • provyazyvaetsya loop from the lower rows;
  • patent relates to British gum.

Example 1. Scheme of the pattern is very simple, get the first time in any aspiring needlewoman. Rapport, a recurring element of the figure, indicated by a red rectangle.


  • I - individuals;
  • About - nakida;
  • ! - Paragraph 1 lift;
  • J - nakida and the following paragraph knit together persons;
  • Q - nakida removed.

The note! Knitting turns dense, warm, so this figure is suitable thin thread of thick yarn fabric is "wooden." To consolidate the skills you can watch the video, where experienced handy clearly show the intricacies of knitting patterns.
Example 2. Another drawing Sot, knitting, at first glance, difficult to implement, but in fact quite simple. It creates the effect of a two-layer fabric, a product like gum good stretches, gently falls to the body, he emphasizes the figure.

Symbols for the scheme:

Tip! If inconvenient to use additional needle, you can replace it with a pin for knitting.

Videos: Knit pattern "Honeycomb"

Bicolor "Honeycomb"

Incredible Beauty pattern is obtained whenactivated two-tone method of knitting needles pattern. A detailed description of this will do is not difficult, and even more interesting. Schemes surprised with the variety and combination of colors, a wide choice, which should be approached with skill.


As vyvyazyvayut elongated loop, seen in the photo. Ones in the designation indicates, with a series of elongated loop begins.
In individuals. and PHI. series co-starred with nakida. The icon indicates that the loop is stretched to 4 rows. Means must be 4 nakida that provyazyvayutsya in front of the band all along one face. When changing the color of the filament shown in the chart the dark and light stripes.
Video from the master how to knit two-tone motif of "Honeycomb" entice any woman and make pick up yarn and knitting needles.
Knitting Pattern "Honeycomb" is recommendedeach beginning knitters, his example can learn a number of skills required: facial and purl loops, nakida, crossing loops, change thread. Worth a try, and the process will be fun and nice result.

Video: Two-colored spokes cell