Cross-stitch embroidery teddy bears of the popular hero pattern

Cross-stitch embroidery teddy bears of the popular hero pattern


For more than 100 years Bear Teddy has been pleasedChildren and adults. For most, this toy became a real childhood friend. Many of them used it as a source of inspiration. But where did Teddy bear come from? On this score there is not one, but even two legends. Each of them has a right to exist. After all, both creators have done a lot to popularize the image. Today these bears are everywhere - in shop windows, on postcards and even as embroidery cross.

Popular Plots

First of all, Teddy bears - this is an optionEmbroidery for children. Funny and naive, they are best suited to create the right mood. With their help you can create with your own hands a whole series for decorating the interior. The handyman can give vent to her imagination and embroider a lot of interesting things for the child. This is a metric, a growth meter, a pillow, a blanket for walking and much more. Below are the schemes that can be taken as a basis.

Options for creating a metric

The original rostomer wants to embroider it.

And, of course, embroidery schemes suitable for small pictures, blankets and baby clothes will be useful.

But do not assume that such embroiderySuitable only for the children's room. There are schemes suitable for a gift for every calendar holiday and decorating any interior. Particularly interesting such works will look in the country house, where everything is imbued with the idea of ​​home creation.

Below are the schemes that you can embroider on a holiday card to your friends and acquaintances.

Of course, in the collection there are also thematic options.
New Year's Bear Teddy

For Valentine's Day

On the 8th of March or just for mom

Newlyweds or on the anniversary of the wedding

Used colors

According to the idea of ​​the creator of all Bears MetoYouThey are inspired to create the above schemes) gray with blue spouts. Therefore, cross-stitching is performed in the same scale. It will be mostly all gray and blue shades. At the same time they are faded and look more like a semitone. It is the use of such colors that makes the bears so sweet and homely.
In this case, for embroidery of additional itemsMore vivid and contrast colors can be used. Red hearts, small flowers in pots and a Christmas tree with toys look good against the background of Teddy bears. Although they also support the same color policy of faded shades. Thus, cross-stitch embroidery resembles shabby photographs of past years.

The subtleties with Teddy bears embroidery

Embroidery, which depicts Teddy bears, you canBoldly attributed to the simple. For 1 to 2 pm, an experienced embroiderer can perform one such job. Any of the schemes involves the use of a minimum number of colors and a large canvas (Aida 18-20). Embroidery is usually done with floss thread in 4-6 additions or wool in 2-3 pieces. These schemes are suitable even for embroidery by children. And plots suitable.
Such simple embroidery can be advantageously emphasizedHomemade frames in tone or order them in a framing workshop. Choosing several similar in spirit schemes, you can make a story embroidery. They can be issued separately or in one picture as a diptych or triptych. In the latter case, you need to carefully place them on the canvas. An error can cause a messed up job.
When choosing an embroidery scheme, Teddy Bear is not worth itLimit yourself. Such cute images will taste to any age. How and where to place them in the home interior, each hostess will decide for herself. Let this sad and childish innocent bear will make the family happy with its appearance for many years.

Teddy's embroidery designs