Cross Stitch Triptych - original picture (photo)

Cross Stitch Triptych - original picture (photo)


Before proceeding to the lesson of embroidery stitchpaintings triptychs with the original name, you should find out what kind of pictures are and what are their feature? Skilled needlewoman know that the embroidery scheme can be divided into a triptych and polyptych. "Poly" from the word "lot" means a system of several schemes for embroidery, which are connected one sense the idea and after the work, taken together, constitute a single coherent picture. Individually, these paintings are unlikely to be something similar. Triptych is - a kind of polyptych, which implies the presence of the three components of paintings, expressing the general idea. Embroidery paintings triptych - this is a very exciting and time-consuming task.

Tips for embroidery triptych

If you decide to proceed with the embroidery schemes in triptych style, you should pay attention to the tips given below:

  • Each part of the circuit is sewn separately. With that, you should start with the central part. It should not be proceeding with the next part until the end of the main;
  • The focus embroidery paintings triptych is onfigure elongation, i.e. the final result of the product to be embroidered rectangular shape elongated upward and downward edges. The same applies to the polyptych paintings, but to achieve a result, parts of the picture makes much thinner and elongated;
  • It is necessary to pay special attention to the dimensions of the framework for such a scheme. When attaching the pictures on the wall, they must be balanced;
  • Stock up on necessary number of threads. Let the better they will be little more than you then will spend a lot of time and effort to search for a suitable shade;
  • No strict rules about the size of the paintings and their proportions. The main thing is that the final triptych or polyptych seemed appropriate in the interior of your room;
  • Triptych embroidered cross, so special attention should be paid to the method of embroidery. To the picture turned brighter, you should embroider a few lines;
  • Stitch embroidery paintings triptych and polyptych is also permitted. But only as a separate picture elements. In general, the figures run it cross.
  • Materials for embroidery

    Before you start to embroider, you should prepare the necessary instruments. For the embroidery of many paintings you will need:

  • Canvas. For embroidery paintings "polyptych" section, you can use the canvas of any size, but it is preferable to take all the canvas a little cell. The pattern formed on a canvas will look more gentle and bright;
  • Threads. Well, here all is simple - select a thread according to the scheme. If the kits provide only the encoding thread DMC, you can use the translation table;
  • Needle. To embroider a cross, a special needle with a blunt tip. It prevents tearing tissue fibers, if you "miss" by cells;
  • Scissors. You will need two types of scissors: for measuring large and small fabric for cutting thread;
  • Driving. All sets for embroidery paintings such as triptych and polyptych implies the obligatory presence of the scheme, which is also divided into several components of the paintings;
  • Hoop. Embroider polyptych with hoop much more convenient. In addition, you will notice at once that crosses in this case are equal and identical;
  • Frame. This is - a very important element embroidery paintings of many parts. That frame is the final stage of design patterns. Very important! Do not buy a wide frame, as they may disrupt the composition of drawings. Some skilled workers ready to pull the painting on thick cardboard and hang pictures on no considerable distance from each other.
  • Do not forget about good lighting. Embroidery requires special eyestrain, so you need to create the most comfortable conditions for the eyes. The lamp according to the rules, must be installed on the left side a little closer to the shoulders, to the hand is not obscured the light when working.

    embroider triptych

    So, we proceed to the most important - Implementationof the drawing. You should start with the central part (if it is a triptych). If you, your composition will consist of more than three pieces, start with the "left" of the sector to continue to embroider all sectors in turn. If you break the sequence of parts of the picture, the pattern may not turn out solid and smooth. In this case, you will have to suffer with long frames and mount the pictures on the wall.

    You need to cut the canvas with the expectation of drawing andplus a margin of 10 centimeters on each side. How many squares pattern takes the canvas, you will tell the scheme. You can leave the edges more space if you have not yet decided whether to use frame or thick cardboard. By the way, to secure the fabric to the back side of paperboard glue "Dragon" should be used. It perfectly adheres to the fabric construction paper. In addition, a viscous adhesive base and the back side did not leak.
    Which side will prompt you to begin to embroiderscheme. Begin implementation of the pattern can be either the largest part of the same color or with the same angle. If you start embroidering with some element in the middle, then followed him to go, so to speak on the deduction method. If you prefer to start from the corner, it is best to start the embroidery pattern on top of the figure.
    If you use a frame, you canespecially not bother to account rear side. Of course, the knots should be avoided, which can create a picture unnecessary roughness, but leaving long "tails" will be very helpful. A more accurate method for fixing thread - is fueling "tails" at the front side.
    After completing one part of the embroiderypaintings, you can proceed to the next section of the picture. It is not necessary now and then rush to the previous figure, if something goes wrong. If you make a blot in one or two of the cross, it will not even noticeable. The most important thing is to remember to keep the required number of "clean" canvas on each side.

    Registration finished embroidery

    After you complete all the elements of the schemepolyptych should decorate them with frames. For a complete picture looked, it is necessary when drawing tucked into the frame, to avoid white stripes on the edges of the picture. As has been said above, try to choose the scope of the subtle, not flashy and tone by the edges of the picture. You can also make custom-made frame, which will repeat the color scheme of your picture all around.

    The last picture of this fixation to the wall. It is not necessary to fix figure on one line or strict symmetry. If you were admitted irregularities in the pattern or tucked into the frame, it is possible to fix it in an original way to deploy elements of the triptych to one another. Contemporary art knows no boundaries, so you are free to use all their imagination.
    Embroidery triptychs - it's hard work,which requires maximum attention and perseverance. It is necessary to immediately prepare yourself for the fact that this is not an easy job and have to work for a long time. But the result will not take long. "Live" images that can only be created with the help of a needle and thread will make your interior more attractive and original. Create a flavor, adding decoration apartment original design. Triptych - this is an excellent opportunity for skilled workers cross stitch to develop their skills and reach new heights.
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