Women's knitted knitted socks: a master class with a description

Women's knitted knitted socks: a master class with a description


With the approach of the autumn-winter period, weI want to be constantly warmed, especially with my legs. At this moment, there is a desire to connect women's socks with their own hands. In this article, you will learn how to knit women
For beginners, as well as a detailed process and description of heel loosening.

Women's socks with a braid pattern

To tie socks with knitting needles, you will needMerino thread, consisting of wool and acrylic, green and orange, as well as knitting needles under number three. Elastic band 1 by 1 is knitted by alternation of facial and new. Loops. Purge the outer surface in this way: Loops, and purl. Make faces. Buttonholes. If this is knitting in a circle, then only out. Links.
Type the spokes of forty-two buttonholes in green. Then you need to make a distribution of ten pieces for three spokes and twelve pieces for the fourth. We knit five strips of rubber band 1 by 1, and then put orange yarn into operation and execute 2 r. After that, another five rivers. Green color.
The next stage of the work is done according to this scheme: From the loops, which are located on 3 spokes, continue to bind a simple rubber band of dark color, and on the remaining tool, knit a braid pattern of orange. Do this manipulation until you have three repeats of the braid pattern. Then put off the elastic bands for a while, and with orange yarn work further, carrying out direct and return lines. To do this, pick up additional loops from two sides on one piece.

Then you need to link another 5 rapports of the ornament. After that, along the edges of the green strip, you should evenly dial twelve links and enter into the work process loops that were put aside, in the amount of seventy-six pieces. Continue circular knitting on all green buttonholes, number twelve p. Purl. Next, go to the design of the sole of the female sock.
We knit only the central fourteen linksWeights, and the remaining debug. The emerald color is knitted out. Smooth surface with straight lines and return lines. At the end of each strip, knit an outer buttonhole together with the first in the side. Do this until you have ten points left on the heel. In the remaining band, one should evenly reduce four points, from which there should remain ten. At the very end you need to unscrew the female sock on the opposite side and use the hook to connect the last buttonholes. The second female sock is performed similarly. Now the knitting of socks is completely completed. We offer you to watch an interesting video master-class how to tie socks for beginners.

Video: Learning to Knit Socks

Ways to Knit a Heel

The next master class will show youSeveral ways to knit a heel. A heel is a place in the sock, which is most exposed to wear. To increase wear resistance, it is possible to add a little elastic acrylic yarn or cotton thread to the woolen threads. In this case, women's knitted socks will last much longer.

To step by step tie the straight classical heelFor beginners, you need to prepare 5 stocking knitting needles. Four of them will form a square, and the latter will be a working one, and a set of buttonholes is provided on it. When it's time to untie the heel, use the first and fourth knitting needles to knit the rows in the face sheet. Etc. They should be 2 pieces smaller than they were typed. For the correctness of the lower part of the sock, calculate the number of links and divide them into a multiple of three. If the resulting figure is not divisible, then the central part will be larger. The central part of the face, that is, faces. Side with the same loops, and purl the same. The sides should decrease, as the buttonholes are tied together. Knit the heel according to the following scheme: the first river. Do only the faces. Etc., in the center the last link is knitted together with the crossed facial. Expand the work and start with the fact that the last point is removed from the inside, and do the middle part also. Etc., the last with the next, do too. Re-expand and make a heel according to the scheme of 1 p. This scheme is repeated all the time until the middle part remains.

Heel double knitting is also very simple. This way will greatly increase the strength of socks, by adding extra yarn. As always, knit people. Smooth reverse and direct technique of the back of the sock. When the height is suitable, stop the work on the faces. R. And start forming the cup. Divide all links in equal parts into 3 parts. On the reverse side, the left loop, middle and last from the center are performed with the right side loop together. The front side is made as follows: the central side, the edge and the last point are knitted together with the side. After each strip, work inverted. When you tie the lateral stitches, the formed calyx will close and you will be able to tie up the wedge. On this description, the knitting of the toe and heel is finished. Watch the next video master-class of the correct formation of the foot during knitting socks for beginners.

Video: We form the heel with knitting needles