Flowers of the tapes with their own hands the video and photo workshops

Flowers of the tapes with their own hands the video and photo workshops


Crafts gives everyone a widefield of work. Theme colors it takes its rightful important position, it is practically inexhaustible. Artificial flowers can be made from any material. It may be paper, cloth, leather, felt, plastics and glass beads. Flowers can be sew and knit, sculpt and cut, glue and paint. But we'll look at another topic. We consider the colors that make their hands of the tapes. You are free to find a lot of different video and master classes. We will try to give you additional information on this matter, applying the video materials.
quite easy, but you need to knowsome of the techniques and subtleties of this issue. It is timely to engage in such crafts in the summer and spring, to decorate clothes, handbags, hair clips, hats. Flower of the tape is perfect for interior decoration, for example for the manufacture of curtains holder.

Flower of the ribbons and buttons

To do this we need to:

  • Satin ribbon;
  • Button;
  • Glue gun;
  • Ruler.

  • Cut the tape on several identical strips. To produce a single flower, we need to prepare from 3 to 8 bars. It must be borne in mind that the lobe length corresponds to 1/4 of the strip length. The edge of the tape to be processed over the fire, so as not to fell a thread. Then in the middle of each strip drip glue and glue the ends in the center. And in the end all the blanks are glued together, decorating flower ribbons any suitable buttons. This is the simplest version of a flower from the tape, which is able to make even a child. Then we continue our lessons for the production of color ribbons.

    Roses and a bouquet of roses

    To do this we need to:

  • Green felt;
  • Chintz or satin ribbons;
  • A thin wire;
  • Tape;
  • Superglue, or glue gun;
  • Threads and needle.

  • It is necessary to make the shape of a cup of felt for Rose. Next calico or strips cut out petals for rose petals to 6 for each. Thereafter we produce satin several cuttings of wire wrapped tape. The easiest way to do it with their own hands cuttings, wire wrapping and fixing glue in the end. Now, each petal of our roses folded in half and collect on a string along the cut. The next step will be to work with the glue. With it, the petals come together. We finish our rose attaching it to one end of the wire handle, and put on a felt cup through the hole. If you do a few of these roses, some of them can make a bouquet.

    Peonies of satin or silk ribbons

    We need:

  • Satin or silk ribbon;
  • Threads and the needle;
  • Matches;
  • The beads or beads;
  • Cardboard;
  • Scissors;
  • Pin;
  • Pencil.
  • These flowers are very similar to peonies. Begin to perform them with cut out of cardboard two forms resembling eight. These eight are to be of different size. Each of these forms should be laid on the tape and draw out a pencil. Be cut from 6 to 8 bits of each size. The edges of the handle fire candles or matches. Stitching thread on the 3 petals, collect them together. First, large, and then those that are smaller. Collect them should be evenly fanned out to look naturally flower. Exits When sewing the beads in the middle, and securing the clasp on the back side. With this hack fasteners can be used as a brooch.

    We continue our lessons on making flowers of satin ribbons with their own hands.

    Roses of satin ribbons

    This requires:

  • Satin ribbon in two colors, one of which must be green (for the leaves);
  • Gun glue;
  • Yarn;
  • Matches or lighters.

  • In order to make our flower (rose)Getting started with the fact that the fire lighters treated region, so as not showered. We continue to work, turning it to the corner, securing this position with adhesive, while turning the tip of a tube. This is the beginning of the formation of our buds. Now we wrap the bud again in the tube without stopping periodically securing it with glue. After we formed the beginning of our bud we begin to carry a rose. To do this, wrap the tape to the other side, while continuing to wrap it around the bud. This forms a kind of petals. Wrap the tape should always be in the direction away from you. At the same time the pitch can be a little to distance from the center of a rose that will create the effect of the flower. Continuing to work, do not forget to periodically rotate the tape and sew the threads for fixing. Care should be taken so that the rose had round instead of square. For this purpose, the rotation is performed only where necessary for the formation of the correct form. You can make the flower of the size that you need. To do this, simply stop wrapping tape, when you consider that the product is sufficiently large.
    When the rose is finished, cut the edge andWe treat it with fire from the lighter. Then, the tip of the glue to the bottom of the product, fixing it. We had a small stalk at the bottom, and it needs to be cut, for easy mounting of leaves. The leaves are made of green ribbon, wrapping it in the corner twice. Thus, we produce two leaves and glue them to the bottom of the rose.
    As you can see, is a snap to make flowers fromsatin ribbons. There are many different ways to do this, and we consider this a very simple and interesting way. To do this, we need to prepare:

  • Glue gun;
  • Satin ribbons of green and red colors;
  • Thread and needle;
  • Lighter.
  • Let us rose implementation.
    Take five wide, and 60 cm long satin ribbon. We turn it over the entire length, bending every 5 cm. We get the figure of a square shape. These flowers are very convenient and easy to manufacture, as the roses are made of a whole piece of tape. The folded tape is not cut into individual pieces as in other manufacturing processes. Here, on the contrary, cut arcuate free edge of the square.

    Now we deploy our tape. We turned out the same one-piece tape, one end of which the wavy cut. Searing flames cut edge so that it will tighten up a little bit, and sews Uncut edge along the entire length. After that, do not tight and uniform assembly. Now we start to roll in the bud, fixing glue. And now we do two more of the same roses. From the green tape 5 cm wide leaves do. To this green tape strips 16 cm long and 24 cm, and folded along the corner cut off for the entire length. The cut edge of the searing fire until such time as these parts are soldered fire. Remove the inside out our list to avoid the edges of cut.
    Now cut out the base in the shape of a circle with a diameter of 5cm. Glue the leaves to the base, first those that are larger and then smaller. Glue buds, placing them slightly tilted from the center. From the narrow ribbons make loops of arbitrary size, and glue them between the roses. Now, long leaf curls inwards composition podkleivaya them under the roses. Our song is over, it was very beautiful. You can use it as a decoration of your interior, or as a good gift to the girlfriend.

    Video: different kinds of ribbons rose with his hands

    Manufacturing overhead flowers from nylon belts

    We all understood how to createdifferent colors of satin material. Now, to change the subject a bit, consider the work of the Implementation of air from a nylon ribbon colors. We need:

  • Nylon belt;
  • Lighter;
  • Needle;
  • Yarn;
  • Simple pencil;
  • Glue gun.

  • Our monofilament tape must have a width of 3.5 cm andlength 50cm. Mark up the pencil lengths of 10 cm. Thus, we have five pieces of 10 centimeters. After that we sew all the tape from the beginning to the end. Firmware conduct special way. At those points where there is a pencil marking, the firmware must be perpendicular to the main wind up its line up to the opposite edge. Then we go down to the main line of our stitching and continue it until the end.
    When the firmware is over, you need to pull in oneend of the thread, tighten it. In this contract the tape itself and form a magnificent air flower of nylon. For the base cut out a circle with a diameter of 5cm and using a glue gun attach it to the main body. Center make out one or more beads. If you have left the imitators stamens, then it is better to adapt them, in this case, your flowers will be just like the real thing.

    Video: flowers from nylon belts workshop

    Chrysanthemums of satin ribbons

    From ribbons can make any color, not just roses or peonies. Now we look at how to perform the chrysanthemum of satin ribbons. To do this, we need to prepare:

  • The circle of felt with a diameter of 2.5 cm;
  • White satin ribbon width of 1 cm and yellow of the same width;
  • Scissors;
  • Lighter;
  • Glue gun.
  • Cut the slices of white satin ribbon length3.5 cm. This will be the petals of the workpiece. Each billet from one end cut off, giving it a more acute form, and burned the cut edge. Below the pointed tip petals heated fire lighters to light twist. So we get the full effect of the flower. On the reverse side of the tip of the accordion and collect the flame it melts, all stuck together. One petal we ready. In the same way we prepare and all the other petals. They need to prepare so that the flower was lush. You can talk about 25-30 petals.
    And now we put glue on the felt our foundation,starting to attach the petals to the edge of the felt circle. When finished gluing the first row of petals, we proceed to the second and third. Midway to our chrysanthemum can be done in different ways. This can be a simple yellow bead is the right size. And you can make it out of thin yellow satin ribbon. It is folded in half and is sewn simultaneously. After the thread is tightened, forming an accordion. This so-called accordion turn off into a tube. It turns out the similarity center of the flower, and it really looks like it midway. And now we just have to stick to the middle of a place in the very center of our chrysanthemum. Now we can say that our flower is ready to work over.

    You probably noted for yourself how greatflowers made from a variety of tapes. A very wide range of applications of these crafts. They can be used in daily life and clothing as accessories and hair ornament. But above all, a needlework brings us all the incredible joy and pleasure.

    Video: Learning to make flowers of satin ribbons