We knit fashionable beautiful jackets with knitting needles according to the scheme with description

We knit fashionable beautiful jackets with knitting needles according to the scheme with description


Knitted jackets, unlike the sewn models,Soft and warm. Knitted fabrics always fit perfectly in the figure, showing its pluses and softly draping minuses. Another plus in favor of knitting - you can always create a canvas with a pattern, to cut openwork or decorate the model with a volumetric pattern.

General characteristics: Knitted jackets are not long, like cardigans. Their optimal size: to the middle of the thighs. They can not always have a button fastener. Jackets are connected in different ways:

  • Fasten during knitting at the gate. This is a model for tall, slender women;
  • Fasten on the waist. This option is suitable for light jacket jacquard binding;
  • Without a fastener, but always with a wide belt or belt. Winter tight jacket;
  • On small buttons, braided yarn. This model is suitable for pregnant women, although it looks great on any figure;
  • A model with large buttons just up to the waist.

The difficulty of knitting a knitted jacket can be:

  • Monochrome (as in the photo). In one color, bound by the smooth;
  • Straight with braids. On the main surface there are several similar or diverse plaits;
  • Openwork. We choose a fantasy pattern, more smooth and not voluminous;
  • With weaving. This jacket is knitted with a three-dimensional pattern, where bands are intertwined and diamonds are created.

A warm jacket does not have to be made of thick yarn. Let's try knitting a model of a thin woolen thread with "corners".

In addition to untying the fantasy pattern, there is another difficulty: along the entire length of the product there is an elastic band - lapel. Her knit separately, and then prikitlevyvayut.
Creating this jacket with knitting needles, you will need to use several schemes. The model is straight, the sleeve is vtachnoy, the gate is missing. Pattern will be easy.

Master class of knitting of a jacket

Warm jacket knitting needles for women size 44. Main designations:

  • LP - face loop;
  • IP - the back loop;
  • Н - накид;
  • P - broaching;
  • 2n - double broach (in the notation of the scheme it looks like an arrow down);
  • P. - a number.

The basic methods of knitting:

  • Facial smoothness: the face - LP, the underside - IP;
  • Purl: the face - IP, the wrong side - LP;
  • Garter stitch: only LP in any p;
  • "Holes": three rivers. - LP, 4d: H, 2IP together, 5 and 6 p. - LP;
  • "Strips": 2p - facial smooth surface, 2p. - the reverse surface;
  • Openwork: odd p: 2LP, H + 1PI together. Even p: 2 PI, H, 2IP together.

Fantasy pattern knit by the scheme in the photo. We begin from the back. We type on the needles 97 n. The quantity must be a multiple of 19. It is so much n. In the report - one "tooth" of the main pattern. So we repeat the denticle 5 times. We begin to knit a jacket with knitting needles from below. In this order:

  • Elastic band 2x2 (2 LP, 2 IP) - 14 r;
  • Openwork - 24 r;
  • Holes - 6p., Strips - 16r. Holes - 6p .;
  • Denticles - 27 r .;
  • Holes 6 r;
  • A fantasy pattern - 27 rubles;
  • Holes - 12 r .;
  • Denticles - 27 r .;
  • Still holes 12p.

After this, it is necessary to close on both sides to 9n. A total of 177 r. You can make the jacket shorter, removing from the knitting one repeat fantasy pattern below. Then the denticles will be repeated twice, broken by 2 strips of holes.
In the armhole: Repeat the fantasy pattern, tie two strips of holes. If the armhole is narrow, you can insert the openwork to the shoulder. In total, at the top of the jacket should be 60 p. Then close all the loops. In this jacket from behind you can not tie the neck, you will get a small collar with a shawl after attaching the bandage with an elastic band.

For the shelf you need to do other manipulations. We type 41p. - Two reports + 2 edges. We knit the canvas, as on the back, clearly referring to the description. But after the second repetition of the fantasy pattern, we begin to clean up 1 item per each 12 p. From the edge where the middle of the product will be. It is important to save the whole drawing. Clearly in accordance with the schemes. The second shelf we knit the same way.
Sleeve knit it from below under the classical scheme, adding on each 8 r. On 1 point on each side. Rotating pattern:

  • An elastic band: 14 rubles;
  • Holes: 6 r;
  • "Teeth" - 27 rubles;
  • Holes: 6 r;
  • A fantasy pattern: 27 rubles;
  • Two strips of holes - 12 r;
  • Openwork - to the shoulder.

The length of the sleeve is 58-60 cm. We bind the openwork to the required length. By the same scheme it is necessary to connect the second sleeve.
Plank-gate. To create it, you need to collect 350 pcs. We knit an elastic band 2x2 14 p. Further:

  • It is necessary to close knitting from the sides to 100 p;
  • The rest in the middle knit another 2 r .;
  • Then close on each side for another 25 p;
  • Through two rivers, leave only 50 p.
  • To connect the last two rivers;
  • Close all knitting.

We connect the back and shelves to the shoulders,Prikitlevyvaem plank. To do this, the bottom row is unfolded, loose loops are sewn one at a time to the details of the jacket. That it was more convenient to do, when they just started to knit the bar, with the usual facial surface to tie two rivers. On thin threads of a different color, then move on to the main rubber band. When the lower rows are dismissed, the loops we need for sewing to the parts of the jacket remain. If desired, you can and just gently sew the bar to the shelves and back in the collar.
After that, attach the sleeves and sewProduct on lateral seams. Jackets need to be nicely stripped with the needles to keep the shape. Buttons on it are not provided, and therefore it is easy to tie or weave a soft belt from the remains of the yarn.

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