We knit the ponchos according to the scheme with a detailed description

We knit the ponchos according to the scheme with a detailed description


Poncho - incredibly practical and interestingaccessory. In cold weather, he will warm, give a female figure of romanticism and mystery, complement the ordinary-looking blouse. In general, a knitted poncho is exactly what will allow you to be irresistible even on an ordinary gray day.

Poncho with knitting needles: a simple knitting pattern

Knitting patterns for ponchos are simple. In this dress there are no sleeves, the models are usually quite simple in execution. The figure is selected depending on the skill of the master.
The first model for women of any age is made with jacquard pattern. The description is given for sizes - 38/40 / 42-44. It uses yarn of three colors - white, gray and black. We knit with knitting needles №7,5.
We begin work with English gum. It is quite simple to perform. 1p. : 1LP is removed, 1 NC, 1 IP - repeat to the end of the series, the last loop is removed with a crochet.
2p. : 1 IP (obtained from a loop with a crochet), 1n remove - repeat knitting until we reach the end of the series. The last loop is the wrong one.

Ponchos with their own hands is very easy to perform onThe following scheme. We start with a white yarn. We type on spokes 133-145-157p. The first series must be linked according to the scheme: In. Edge, 1 PI, 1LP, etc., at the end of the IIP, 1 edgeband. We are tying this line on Needles No. 7.5.
After we pass to needles number 6. We begin the English drawing described above. It is carried out in reverse rows. After 12 cm, you can proceed to the next step. In order not to get confused in the circuit, it is necessary to make labels in the last row of English rubber bands. The first mark is 22-24-26 p., The second - at 66-72-78 p., After it to the edge should remain 45-49-53 p.
Tags are necessary for proper placementThe main picture. We take circular knitting needles and we carry loops on them. The main figure is the surface. During mating, it is necessary to evenly add loops on the back (33-38-42p) and the front part of the product (32-37-43p). As a result, the total number of loops should be equal to 198-220-242.
Now we need to tie the ornament. Its outline is attached. The arrow indicates the direction of work.
After drawing the ornament, go back to whiteYarn. When the height of the product reaches 29-31-31 cm, make one more mark evenly across the canvas with a difference of 33-37-40 p. You should get 2 marks on the front and back of the knitting. It is very important for beginners to correctly mark a knitted product. This will help to correctly reduce, since it is just opposite the labels that you need to reduce the loops. This is done in the following way: in each even row, before the signal mark, execute 2 LPs with a draw. It looks like this: 1 st point is removed, 1 LP, then the second loop is pulled through the first one. After the label, 2LPs are together.

So after you are tying 9-11-12 rubles, you should stay on the needles 90-90-96 st. Continue working until the height reaches 38-42-44 cm.
Knitting a poncho with knitting needles is not difficult. Now we must close 21-25-28 points in the middle to form the neck. After that, knit follows straight and reverse rows. To the neck out as evenly as possible round, through the row, take away 2,2,1,1 points from the inside. To the height of the product 44-48-50 cm, knit straight. Remove all the loops on the separate needle and set aside. The main part of the poncho with his own hands is ready. Let's move on to work on the collar.
We collect 89-89-95 points. The first 3r. We knit one LP. In 3p. Lower evenly 26-26-28 p. After that, tie 25 cm with an English pattern, removing 1 pt in each side. The last row is an elastic band 1 * 1. It is better to perform it on needles with a slightly larger diameter. It remains only to sew all the details together and poncho knitting needles will be ready.

Poncho triangular

For women who are taking the first steps in working withKnitting needles, you can suggest an even simpler scheme. Knitted ponchos on it can be made from multi-colored threads to make it look more interesting and bright.
Begin to knit from the bottom edge. We need long enough circular knitting needles. We collect 378 p. It is better to start with a bright color of yarn. We make the ring and the work will go on in a circle. The middle of the backrest and the transmission will correspond to 95 and 189 points. They should be noted in order to be guided by them by performing a reduction. Thus, these loops will be the lowest part of the poncho, its corners. We start decreasing with 2p through the series. It is done this way: 1 st point is removed, 2 LPs are combined, then they are pulled through already removed. We alternate strips of different colors so that our poncho looks more interesting.
Many of the women prefer a poncho without a collar. The last rows (7-8 r) we sew without decreasing and close the loops. The arrow indicates the direction of knitting.

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