Cap knitting pattern with knitting needles on photo with description

Cap knitting pattern with knitting needles on photo with description


Many women do not like to wear hats, but in winterTime to walk without a headdress in the Russian climate is unreasonable. Therefore, they are looking for original and beautiful options. A great suggestion is to tie the cap to the pipe with the spokes. This is an unusual original, which is easy to carry and easy to make by yourself.

How to tie a hat-trumpet with a pattern of cut rubber

There are a huge number of ways and schemes of knitting with crochet-pipe knitting needles. Each needlewoman can use those schemes and descriptions that correspond to her skills.
For the cold season, the trumpet cap is ideal, the photo of which is presented below.

The presented model is executed by a pattern facetedOr the Polish rubber band. This choice of scheme for knitting allows you to make an accessory tightly fitting your head. To link such a pattern is very simple, so even a beginner who knows only the basics of knitting with knits will cope with it. At the same time, this rubber band looks very impressive. For her knitting, only the front and back loops are used. The pattern and photo of the pattern are shown below.
Repeating the picture is 4 loops, when calculatingIt is important to take this into account. To knit the model shown in the figure, you should type 80 loops + 2 edges. Next, bind as shown in the diagram of about 80 rows, after which the canvas is closed. It remains to sew the canvas and the hat-trumpet will be ready.

However, many needlewomen do not likeThe cap of the pipe has a seam. If you are just such, we recommend knitting with the spokes in a circle. But this will require a little more experience. First, link the pattern pattern using the diagrams to understand the principle of its execution.
It should be remembered that if you knit the cap-pipe in a circle, all rows will be executed on one side without turning the product. In addition, out of the set of loops you need to exclude the edge.
The faceted rubber band consists of four bars. One is formed by facial loops, the third - by purl, and in the second and fourth there is an alternation of faces. And out. In each row. It is important to understand this principle if it is planned to use such an elastic band for circular knitting of the cap-pipe with knitting needles.

Other Knitting Patterns

In principle, for knitting cap-pipes can beAlmost any patterns are used, the scheme of which is pleasant and understandable to the needlewoman. For a warmer time of year, fine openwork variants with knitting needles, as in the photo.

You can, for example, tie a light cap-pipe with the spokes according to the following scheme.
If you prefer rather thin threads, the product will be quite light and airy.
No less spectacular is this accessory, made by scythes and arans. When choosing a tight yarn, you can wear it even in severe frosts. An example of a photo and a diagram are presented below.

However, before you start knitting, you shouldCarefully think over what version of the cap-pipe you would like to associate. For models tightly fitting the head, elastic patterns should be preferred. If a free version is planned, the drawing can be practically any.

How to properly wear the cap pipe

It is important to understand that it is not enough to tie a cap-pipeNeedles, you still need to know how to properly wear it. The convenience of such an accessory is, first of all, that it can be easily transformed. When you go out, you can put it on your head, if you have to go into the room or become too hot, you can lower the part that represents the hood around your neck and wear it like an ordinary scarf.
When determining the wearing option, it is important to consider the presence of the bangs, as well as the face oval. They should also be based on the choice of the cap-tube model.

If a woman has a hairstyle with a bang, do notCover it with a cap-pipe more than half. If it is absent, a part of the hair should always be visible. The degree of openness depends only on the tastes and preferences of the hostess of the accessory. However, in any case, you should not lower the scarf-tube too low on the forehead.
Girls with an oval type of face will suit almost any model. If the face is round, the cap-pipe should fit it tightly enough.
In warm weather, the cap-trumpet can be used as a chic accessory on the neck. But when wearing it as a scarf, it is important that it lay down beautifully and draped.

Regardless of how it was decided to wear a pipe cap, it should perfectly match the style and color of the clothes. Best of all, such an accessory will fit into a calm classic style.
Thus, the cap pipe is excellentElement of the women's wardrobe. A variety of ways of wearing, as well as models for knitting, can be called an indispensable accessory. Such a product will look great both on young girls and women of solid age. In this case, the cap-pipe usually falls to the taste even for those who do not like hats. Moreover, the choice of schemes and models is unlimited.

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