Knitting machine and the principle of working on it

Knitting machine and the principle of working on it


Any handicraft is not only an opportunityCreating necessary and beautiful things, but also a pleasant pastime and a chance to develop your imagination, to show your abilities and reveal your personal inner world. Knitting with threads, this is exactly the needlework that hundreds of thousands of craftsmen are engaged in, performing a wide variety of yarn items. You can connect any product either with knitting needles or with a crochet, or with a modern knitting machine. Machine knitting allows you to create man-made masterpieces from threads, using the achievements of modern technology. There are knitting machines that can be used for industrial or household use. This lesson is devoted to the second version of knitting machines. In it we will tell for beginners knitters about what are knitting machines for the house. It is not difficult to buy any model of a knitting machine.

The trading network has a huge numberA variety of models of knitting machines for home use, and store consultants will be able to provide you with the fullest information regarding the technical characteristics and capabilities of any model. After consultation, you will be able to decide which knitting machine suits you, then to purchase such a machine for knitting at home.

Types and types of machines for knitting

Machine knitting at home is carried out on two types of machines, of which one, it is single-phonet, and the other two-telephone.

  • Single-phone machines are equipped with a singleNeedle bed, resulting in a very limited number of transactions. A knitting machine of this kind is able to perform a smooth surface and an openwork cloth, but can not knit an elastic band and many other types of canvas.
  • The twin-ply knitting machine has muchMore broad technical capabilities. It is able to produce patterns and drawings of the widest spectrum, which includes elastic bands and circular binding for hats or other circular models.

In addition to the differences in types, knitting machines haveDifferences by class. Differences in class are extremely important, because the class of the machine shows both the minimum thickness of the yarn and the size of the needles in it. In order to explain this intelligently for beginners, such machine knitting by machines of different classes is best compared with handcrafts by hand, that is, on spokes. In this case, the thicker the knitting needle, the warmer the larger the size of the loops and the smaller the cloth itself. The same effect is also present when working on knitting machines. The smaller the class of the machine, the greater the gap between the needles, and the rougher the thread can be used for work.

Experienced owners of knitting machines know thatMachine knitting at home is most practical to perform on the equipment of the fifth class. With its help, you can knit as a very dense, and delicate openwork cloth. The needle-bar of such a machine has two hundred needles, and the intervals there are somewhat shorter than those of the third and fourth class cars. In a fifth-class car, it is best to knit with medium-thickness yarns, and even you can add a second needle (a fountain), which makes it possible to knit all kinds of patterns, and even elastic bands. Unlike the fifth grade, a third-class knitting machine will produce an exceptionally thick and thick fabric, such as warm sweaters, hats or a winter scarf.
In addition to types and classes, knitting machines are also different in types, which include mechanical, electronic and punched cards.

  • For beginners, we explain that knitting on a machine of a mechanical type determines the execution of patterns exclusively by hand, using special hooks.
  • A knitting machine based on a punch card device is a new type of equipment equipped with software control. The pattern is present on the punch card in the form of holes.

The machine has a special device,The information processing in the form of holes, and supplying it to the needles of a machine. Then the needles knit according to a pre-made pattern. And the last type, it's an electronic knitting machine. Unlike all the others, electronic knitting machines require software, that is, the presence of a computer, through which they are programmed. This software is located on the computer, and performs the basic working functions of the machine. This type of knitting machine is able to perform magnificent patterns, and determine the outlines of the canvas.
For beginners, it is useful to understand what to acquireKnitting machine for home use, you need to take into account all previously stated factors belonging to a particular species, class and type. You need to be aware of what kind of machine knitting you will perform. It is important to know what kind of product it is, and what threads it will be made of. Then you go to the specialized department of the store, which sells knitting machines, and contact the sales consultant. The consultant will help you decide what kind, class and type of machine you need for your home use, including belonging to a particular firm, the manufacturer. For example, you can choose a knitting machine with a single-chart type using a punched card, or you can purchase a device with two fonts that can knit the most important patterns, that is, rubber bands.

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Accessories for knitting machines

Any knitting machine, if new or used, must contain all necessary spare parts and accessories.
Among the accessories must be listedRulers and loads, decks and clamps, and much more. If you have lost any accessory, you can contact a specialized store to purchase a replacement. But we must remember that their own spare parts and accessories are more suitable and acceptable. To supplement accessories purchased you will have to in the case when you buy a used machine.

Modern knitting machines

Having intentions to seriously take care of the homeKnitting for the purpose of obtaining income, it is best to buy not used in the past, but a modern and new knitting machine. The thing is that on such a machine there is the possibility of making all kinds of pattern and contour of the canvas, because their technical features and characteristics significantly exceed the releases of machines of past years. We recommend you cars with two beds, if your goal is to earn money, because their capabilities are unlimitedly high. Of modern machines, we call the Neva-5 model, which is simple and relatively inexpensive, and is excellent for beginner needlewomen.
For those who wish to acquire by all meansTwo-ply knitting machine, we advise you to buy a new model of the Neva-8. The next known model is called the Toyota KS-858. This model is so reliable that it can be bought even if it has already been used, but not by a professional knitter.

And in such cases it is necessary to carefullyTo ensure that there is a complete set of accessories. The next model is called Severyanka, and is a very simple and inexpensive knitting machine.
Such a machine is suitable for those of you whoInvolves knitting exclusively a stocking fabric and the most simple patterns of different colors. In addition, on it you can do weave, carrying out the translation of the loops with your hands and the decker.

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