Overalls for newborn babies knitted knitting

Overalls for newborn babies knitted knitting


Any clothing for the newborn should not beOnly beautiful, but also comfortable, so that the baby feels comfortable in it. Therefore, most mothers are popular for overalls for newborns. They not only protect children from the cold, but also do not hamper the movements of the young pioneers.
When we knit for children, we try to use only high-quality natural materials, because the skin of toddlers is incredibly sensitive and a close acquaintance with synthetics definitely will not please.

Overalls for baby

To create this wonderful knitted product forGirls, we recommend that you buy a yarn marked "100% cotton." To create a warm overall for a newborn girl (size 56/62) you will need:

  • 50/100 g of bright pink and the same amount of white yarn;
  • 200/250 g of light pink yarn;
  • A pair of ordinary spokes number 2, 5 and 3;
  • Circular knitting needles at number 3;
  • Stretching dvuhsantimetrovaya tape - 80 cm;
  • Button;
  • lightning;
  • needle;
  • thread;
  • scissors;
  • Patterns;
  • A small scheme with conventional symbols.

During the description of the knitting pattern for a newborn girl, we will use some common abbreviations:

  • Loops - n;
  • Series - p;
  • Purl;
  • Facial - of persons;
  • Facial smoothness - LH;
  • "*" - repeat the pattern from * to the next *;

Marking of threads by colors:

  • Pink - 1;
  • Bright pink - 2;
  • White - 3.

Patterns of knitting patterns: LH, persons. Rows are tying people. N., And purl - new. Strips: LH, * 2 p. Thread number 3, 2 p. - №2, №3 - 2 р. And № 1 - 2 p. * Pattern with holes is strictly according to the scheme. In all out. R. Except for the first nakidy and n. First, the pattern is repeated from 1 to 9 rubles, and then from 2 to 9. The density of the knitted fabric: 10X10 cm = 35 r. X30 p. - knit LH, knitting needles at number 3.
We begin knitting for newborn babies withCreating the right and left legs. Take the knitting needles No. 2,5 and dial 72/78 on them with thread No. 1. Direct the face surface with 16 p. Then change the knitting needles to the third number, make a pattern with holes between the edge - 24/28 р. After that, from the arrow A / B, bind 6 p. Striped pattern. Now with the help of LH thread 1 create another 10-12 p. Strips - 14 r. In each subsequent 8 r. For the bevel, add on both sides: 6X1 n. (Including those loops that are added to the pattern). Having formed from the bar 15/17 cm, put off the loops. The left leg should be knitted in the same way as the right one.

Continuing knitting for children, now let'sWe will follow the scheme with the description of the top part of overalls for newborn girls. Transfer 168/180 items to the circular knitting needles from the pants. Knit a thread number 1 LH. Having formed 40/44 cm of knitted fabric, distribute the eyelets: for the left part of the backrest - 42/45 st, for the front part - 84/90, for the right part of the back - 42/45 p. Set the hinges from the back of the product for toddlers and continue working Above the front: striped pattern - 16 p. The rest is tied with a facial smoothness thread No. 3. In 1 p. Close 1X13 p. After completing 48.5 / 53.5 cm knitted fabric, close 12 pts in the middle and finish the sides separately. In all subsequent second p. Close: 1x4, 1X3, 1X2, 1X1. Having formed another 54/59 cm from the bar, close the loops on the shoulders of the overall for the newborn girl.
Move the knitting needles on the right half to the spokesBack and strip 16 r. Next, bind LG thread number 3. Do not forget to make an armhole from the inside edge! Close the hinges at the same height as the front. By the same scheme, tie the second half of the overalls back for the newborn girl.
Any knitting for babies is a continuousPleasure, because all the details are small, but the result is always amazingly beautiful! And even a novice needlewoman can literally in a couple of evenings make a warm overall for a newborn girl or boy.

Having tied the pants, front and back of the overalls, it's safe to say that the clothes for the newborns are almost ready. It remains only to tie the sleeves and knitting for the children will be finished:

  • Take the first thread and type 60 sts on spokes number 2.5;
  • Form a face surface of 16 p .;
  • Change the knitting needles to number 3 and form between the edge pattern with holes - 24 rubles;
  • Then from the arrow B form 6 p. Bands;
  • Make faces. Smooth 20/22 р. A pink thread;
  • Strips - 16 r .;
  • In each subsequent 4 р. Add: 12 / 10X1 p; In the second row - 0 / 5X1 p;
  • Making from the bar another 14/15 cm, form an additional 4.5 cm in addition.

All details of overalls for girls are ready! Now we need to put them together. Make seams on the sleeves and on the shoulders. Sew up sleeves, so that their middle was aligned with the shoulder seams. Make the inner and lower seams on the trousers. Visually dividing the strips in half, turn them inside and sew. Do not forget to leave a hole on each one.
Insert the braid. For the notch on the neck, type in circular knitting needles 79 pink n. Form the face surface 14 r .: 3 r. On the spokes at number 3, 8 p. - No. 2.5, 3 r. - No. 3. Close the item, so that they are not tightened too much. Unscrew the slats and sew them. Sew a zipper. On one side of the plate make a loop, and on the other - sew a button. A warm knit article for newborn girls is ready! You could be sure that knitting for children brings only pleasure.

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Elegant overalls "Umka" for the kid

Warm overalls for newborns can be wornNot only at home, but also dressed in especially solemn occasions. The model, which we now tell you, is the best suited for celebrating the New Year or receiving guests.

To knit for children brought joy and you did not have to be distracted during work, we recommend that you prepare all necessary materials in advance, as well as special tools:

  • 500 g of white "grass";
  • 100 g of "lanoso GATO";
  • A little black yarn;
  • Hook at number 3;
  • Pair of circular spokes No. 2, 3;
  • 5 buttons (diameter 15 mm).

In this knitting for children we will use the sameReduction, as in the previous work. We begin knitting with knitting needles for children from the creation of trousers. Type on the spokes 50 pcs yarn "lanoso GATO". Distribute the loops into 4 spokes to 12 and 13 pcs. Perform 10 r. Around the rubber band 1X1. Take the "grass" and go to the knitting needles at number 3. Continue knitting the coveralls for the newborn boy with the facial smoothness. Additions do after 5 points. After that, on the loop at the end, and also at the beginning of the row, we make 5 increments for 6 r. After completing 30 cm of knitted fabric, we proceed to the formation of a "step" seam. To do this, on the right side, close 4 p., And on the left - 5 pts, 2 pts from the right and left and 1 p. Left and right. According to this scheme, bind another 5 r. The second part is knitted symmetrically.
After the trousers have a knitted article forBoys will be ready to begin to form the front and back. Connect the connected legs of the product to the baby, and then close each 5 p. Next, do 24 cm LH straight and back ryadochkami. To make an armhole in a baby's product, divide the item as follows: 22 pcs., 56 pcs., 22 pcs. Form another 5 cm. In each 2 r. Close the item for the neck: 5, 4, 3, 2 pcs. By the same scheme we knit 2 rubles, and then close n. As we said earlier, when we knit children, we make many details symmetrical. The second leg we knitted symmetrically to the first and left half of the front of the product for boys, we also make a symmetrical right half. Back coveralls for a newborn boy will consist of straight and back rows - 36 cm.

Having finished the creation of the front and back of the overall for the baby, we can begin to form sleeves:

  • Sew stitches on the shoulders;
  • Dial 45 pcs on the pavement;
  • Tie 20 cm around the circle of LH;
  • Perform downsizing: each subsequent 4 knit together with 5;
  • Change the knitting needles and continue the work of yarn "lanoso GATO". Form the rubber 1X1 exactly 12 r .;
  • The hinges are closed;
  • When creating a second sleeve, repeat the knitting pattern.

The final stage of this small master class will be the creation of a hood:

  • Dial 80 p.
  • Bind 16 cm of LH;
  • We share knitting: 28, 24, 28;
  • Binds 32 items, 23 persons. N., 24 together with 25, and then turn the knitted fabric;
  • Next: 23 out. N., 24 again together with 25;
  • Continue working on this scheme until the number of loops on the spokes is 24;
  • Close the hinges;
  • Sew the hood to the overall for the boy.

A smart overall for a boy is ready! Now it remains only to decorate it and make bars. Let's start with the bars. Take yarn "lanoso GATO" and on the left side, type 42 p. Perform 22 r. Garter stitching. Close the hinges. Now take the "grass" and type on the right side 42 p. Garter stitch and close the eyelets. Sew the straps to the overalls so that the bar made of "grass" is on top. Sew buttons.

Now start making jewelry for overalls. First make the ears. Type 10 items of yarn "lanoso GATO". Spray the faces. Smooth 10 p. Then knit along the rows:

  • 2 n. Together, 8 persons;
  • 2 together, out. - 7 pieces;
  • Close 3 items, 5 persons;
  • 3 close and make 3 of them;
  • "Weed" we sew 4 persons., We collect 2 pieces;
  • 6 unc. And 2 types;
  • 8 persons. Plus one increase;
  • 9 depreciation and increase. We close the hinges. We tie the ears with a hook, and then we sew it to the hood.

We make eyes. Hook from the "lanoso GATO" 2 n. We form 6 n. And we enclose them in a ring. In the next ryadochke do 6 times the increase. In the 3 rd. Once again we perform the increase - 6 times. We take black yarn and knit 1 р .: we collect 2 items, we tie 6 and we close in a circle. The second row: we perform 6 times the increase. Sew the black part to the white, and then attach the eyes to the hood. We embroider black eyebrows.
In the last turn we make a spout. Taking the hook, we type with a black thread 10 p. The first row: we make 89 columns without a crochet and 3 - with a crochet in the last loop. We connect the resulting columns. Rows number 2-4: on the semicircles in each column, tie two bells without a crochet, and in a straight line make 1 column. Ready to sew a nipple to the overall for a newborn boy.
If desired, in addition, such a coveralls forThe newborn boy can be decorated with a small knitted tail. Changing the shape of the ears and making a muzzle like a cat can turn your baby into a charming Persian kitten!
In conclusion, I would like to note that the mainThe advantage of knitting for children is that you can afford to show your imagination and experiment a little. Kids will be delighted with any thing made by caring mother's hands, and adults just can not remain indifferent when they see a merry bear or a smiling kitten!

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