9 carps scheme of embroidery of a thematic picture (photo)

9 carps scheme of embroidery of a thematic picture (photo)


Very often, most needlewomen thinkThe symbolism that this or that ready-made embroidery bears. This issue becomes relevant when the product is intended as a gift. For example, the picture "Nine carps" according to the ancient Chinese doctrine of feng shui means luck and spiritual achievement. If you believe in feng shui, the picture is able to bring prosperity and material prosperity to the house where it is located. And if you can not find your soul mate, then make an embroidery of two carp, which symbolizes a man and a woman.

Preliminary and working process of embroidery

To embroider such a wonderful panel as "9 carp", you need to prepare for work such materials:

  • Ready-made embroidery kit and fish scheme;
  • Comfortable embroidery frame;
  • Threads of a floss that are indicated in the key;
  • Beads of different colors.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that embroideryNine carp not only brings good luck to the house, it also essentially revitalizes the interior of your house. Sometimes it's so nice to look at fish that float in clear water. Bright shades of beads, which are used for embroidery schemes, will always please you.
Such a scheme can even embroider a beginnerA skilled worker. Canvu can be drawn into small sections, which are embroidered step by step. Another option is to fill the whole picture in the frame. Everyone chooses the right option for themselves. Carp embroider various beads of red-orange tones. Prepare beads for 30 g of these shades:

  • Dark red is designed for embroidering the backs of nine carp;
  • red;
  • Red transparent;
  • Dark yellow transparent;
  • Pearl yellow;
  • Matte light yellow.

Embroider carp need large and smallBeads. The main background is decorated with the technique of a cross in one thread. You can start the workflow from anywhere on the canvas. If you are a beginner embroiderer, then it is better to operate from the upper corner, which is on the right. First of all, fix the thread, and then embroider the first line of the initial square. Having thus issued several strips according to the scheme, rise upwards. Embroider a carp's head with a red bead, and in poorly accessible places, use the technique of the cross's half. Next, work on the contour of the back and the fin, which is on top. The resulting space on the body of carp, it is necessary to embroider with a golden yellow and red beads. Do not forget to carefully study the smallest parts of the picture. After you make an embroidery of nine carp, proceed to the design of beautiful water lilies and the water itself.
It is not necessary to do a complete sewing of the wholePaintings, you can embroider water in the technique of the cross. And let the rest be made beads. If you do not want to embroider fish strictly according to the scheme key, then use those colors that you most like.

Small scales of carp should be embroideredYellow-orange beads. In this case, they will look much more noticeable and attractive around the whole picture. Fins of fish are embroidered with pearl beads. For lotus leaves, use several shades of green matte beads. Place the stitches with transparent glass, and the flower itself with a matte and translucent pebble.

A ready picture with embroidered nine carp is best to hang so that she looks at the front door. In this case, well-being and prosperity will never leave your home.

Embroidery scheme of nine carp

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