We knit beautiful blouses for girls under the scheme with the description

We knit beautiful blouses for girls under the scheme with the description


Process Flow Diagrams
For girls of different ages, we tried to collect for you in one article.

Blouse for girls with knitting needles: model from 1 to 3 years

We introduce the following symbols: LP - face loop, FE - back loop, NC - cap, P - loop.
For children of this age it is very important not to embarrassMovements, so we knit as simply and freely as possible so that the child does not feel constrained. We use only natural, pleasant to the touch yarn.
Scheme # 1 The product requires a pink yarnOr yellow flowers, needle number 3 and scissors. First you need to tie the backrest. For this we type 72 p. Starting knitting with a rubber band 3 * 3. Its approximate height will be 3 cm. Next - rapport. The sequence is as follows: 6 LPs, 2 IPs, 2 LPs together, 4 LPs, NC, 3 IPs, 6 LPs.

Sequence for even series.

Next - a series that repeats step 1, with the only difference - after 3LP make a cape. After again follow the picture.

For step 4 repeat step 3, shift the location of the cap - after 2LP. In this scheme, you need to tie the back, sleeves and shelf.

All the details are simply stitched and the blouse for the girl is ready.
Scheme number 2 Girls at any age are very fond of models with collars. The following diagram is very simple, even a novice craftsman can do it with knitting needles in a few hours.

We will start again from the back. On the needles - 70 p. On the bottom of the product will go gum 2 * 2. Its height is about 2-2.5 cm. We begin to create knitted asterisks. To do this, we perform 1LP, from the second we bind 3 LPs, 1 NC, 1 LP. Invalid row - according to the figure. After reaching the desired length of the shelf finish it, closing the crocheted crochet.
We knit the shelves with knitting needles. To do this, dial 40P. Steps 1-4 repeat until the length of it is equal to the back. On the right shelf you need to form loops. We make 1nk in an odd number, in the next row we sew it like a back loop and 2 next together.
Time behind the sleeve. We collect 36p and perform an elastic band 2 * 2. After the rezinchki follows the sequence: 9LP, 3 IP, 12 LP, 3 IP, 9 LP. According to this figure, we perform all the rows until the end of the sleeve. We close it on the edge with a hook. It remains only to bind the collars with knitting needles and you can begin to sew all the parts together.

Blouse for girls with knitting needles: model from 3 to 5 years

Knitwear for girls of this age are becoming more interesting. Growth allows you to create interesting drawings, alternate multi-colored stripes.
Take about 130 g of yarn of different colors - usually 2-3 shades. You also need buttons, a hook and knitting needles.
We type 71P on spokes. To make the blouse for the girl fit more closely to the body, we will perform an elastic band 1 * 1 with a height of about 3 cm.
The scheme is simple - smooth. The elegance of the model is given by the alternation of colors: 8 r. - the first color, 2p. - the second color, 8p. - the third color, 2p. - the second color. Next - everything is repeated from the first color.
We make the closing of the loops under the armholes about 25 cm from the beginning of knitting. When the height of the sweater becomes 35 cm, we begin to gradually close the throats - in each row of 3 p.

We pass to the shelf. Its width is 33 p. On the spoke. We knit her by the same scheme as the back of the blouse for girls.
The sleeve is executed according to the scheme below: begin with 37p. We fasten the neck separately with an elastic band. Then you can sew all the parts together.

Blouse for girls with knitting needles: model from 5 to 6 years

Suitable for girls from 2 to 6 years. The blouse will be knit from a string of bright pink, gray, white and black colors.
Several types of binding will be used. The smooth surface of the face - IP - in all purl rows, LP - in all facial rows. The hand-made method - all rows - with face-downs. Jacquard pattern - facial smoothness, when the color changes, then the threads cross from the wrong side, so that there are no holes. Reduce always by tying together 3 and 4 sts from the edge.
Back. Gray threads are typed 93/99 / 107p. First come 2 r. Garter stitching. Then we begin the surface of the facial.
Decrease: every 10 r. - 2 in 1p .. From both ends we sew together; Each 8 p. - 6 in 1 p. Through 80/88/100 r. We begin to close the armholes. To do this, 3 in 1 paragraph in every second row. From the edge of the armhole to its end we perform about 13/14/15 cm figure.
We pass to the bevels of the shoulders. From the edges close through a row of 3 loops. At the same time, we begin to make a cut for the neck.

Before. The sequence is similar to the back. The difference is only in the depth of the cutout. Sleeves. Sleeves start with 51/53/55 p. At first there is a mating dressing - only 2 r. Then go to the surface of the surface. Addition on the sleeves: on both sides of the row at 2 points from the edge - 3 points each in 14p, and 2n. In each 12 p. The opening of the sleeve is formed after 23/25/29 cm.
Pocket. For him, the jacquard method of knitting is used. The pocket size is about 7 cm high, the width is 27p.

Assembling the finished product. Loops embroider dogs according to the scheme below. Place the image about 10 cm from the bottom edge of the blouse for the girl. We place the pockets on the shelves in such a way that they are symmetrical. We cut the neckline with a handkerchief pattern - only 3 rows. Now you can perform shoulder seams, sew up sleeves, sew on the sides of the product. There were only buttons left. The blouse is ready for the girl.

A few tips for aspiring masters

When making blouses for elastic bands, useKnitting needles of smaller diameter - more often it is №2,5. Turning to the main drawing, change the knitting needles to number 3. Thus, a more smooth and dense canvas is obtained.
Such drawings for children's things are interesting, like strokes or purl strips. These are the simplest drawings, perfectly suitable for those. Who makes the first steps in knitting.

The diagrams show these schemes - the circles mark the purlins. The rest - facial. Things with these simple drawings are very impressive.

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