Pull out the schemes on February 23: postcard yourself

Pull out the schemes on February 23: postcard yourself


Crafts created in the art of izonit, alwaysLook unusual and original. And if it is a gift for any holiday, the most important is its dignity, that it is done with all my heart. Today's material is devoted to the thematic holiday on February 23rd. The proposed master class will demonstrate how it is possible to decorate a notepad, a postcard and other items in the technology to be deleted. Such embroidery on cardboard can even make a novice in this matter. You will be offered step-by-step photos that you will use as prompts.

Making a souvenir for the holiday on February 23

To conduct this master class, dedicated to the February men's holiday, you will need certain materials, here is their list:

  • Threads of different colors;
  • Colored cardboard or velvet paper;
  • Carbon paper;
  • PVA glue;
  • Needle, thick needle and scissors.

Before you start working on a postcard,Devoted to the twenty-third of February, it is necessary to break the diagram into diagrams. In each scheme, the filling of a certain figure will be shown, using the example of a circle and an angle. The details are divided into an even number of elements that are equal in length. Pierce the holes with a thick needle from the wrong side. We fix the knots and edges of the threads with glue or tape, also from the wrong side. A pink pencil indicates an embroidery pattern. The diagram shows figures that will show the correct direction of the firmware thread.

After a careful study of the schemes, you can proceedTo embroider a pattern in technology to isolate. Creating a picture starts with the wrong side. The figure of twenty-three is divided into several segments and embroidered, as is the filling of the circle in the technique of isolating. If you're a little out of the number twenty-three, then pull up the embroidery by making auxiliary stitches.

The side strips and the middle strip should be embroidered with orange threads.

The two inner strips of the tape should be filled with brown. The edges of the embroidered ribbon in the form of a figure of twenty-three are made by a stitch through one division also by brown threads.

The figure three will be made in the form of a Russian flagTricolor. The first strip is embroidered with isonite with white thread color. The second strip and the third, respectively blue and red hue. The edges of the numbers make a stitch through one seam, blue.

The petals of the flowers will consist of four corners. Each scheme is embroidered in the technique of isolating separately, by filling the corner with red.

Other petals are embroidered in a different color schemeSo, how do the filling of the circle. The edges of sepals and stems are stitched through one division. The execution of the postcard in the technology of the isolate devoted to the holiday of the twenty-third of February is ready.

This was one of the examples of how to make a small gift for the twenty-third of February. Even more impressive will look embroidery, if you make it on velvet paper with silk threads.

Schemes for embroidery of various cards