All details about knitting enterlak in photo and video tutorial

All details about knitting enterlak in photo and video tutorial


Without exaggeration, every needlewoman sorceress. Binding needles mysterious patterns of thread, a girl like a good witch, creating new miracle. It is not just in the knitted fabric weaves warmth of your hands, your thoughts, and puts real emotions, joys and experiences.

Enterlak technique - is genuine magic. A bright blouse, cap or conventional socks without heels in this unusual style of a truly fascinating. And if the skilled worker experienced, kind and skillful, any product associated in this wonderful technique can become a work of art.

The style name is correct Entrelak, foundnew breath. Models previous years, knitted patchwork technique, have always been popular, and now appeared in a new reading. Light technique that can be learned in one lesson, high-quality materials for the crafts will create a unique model and your individual style.

Foundations of technology Enterlak: knitting is easy and simple

You can associate the canvas in the style of one Entrelakcolor, novice needle women is recommended to start with a single coil, but the beauty of art is manifested in the intertwining motifs and a change of contrasting colors. To work needed:

  • needles - 2 pcs №2,5-3;
  • Yarn - 2 skeins of different colors.

For a sample you need to dial 24 n. The task to execute the triangle 3 to 8 p. Enterlak principle of operation is the formation of the correct figures, which are directed in one direction and then in another direction. Personal notation: P - loop, officials - front, SP - Wrong, P - series.
Tip! For beginners, it is important to consider the loop and follow the instructions carefully in order to understand and properly form a figure paintings!
The first row of knitting enterlak: 1p - Entrelak in the art can be called by a number of knitting first line shapes, in this case, 3 triangles. The basis is 8 the first paragraph. The work starts from the wrong R. Important! The edge is not removed, and provyazyvaetsya!
Assign 2 IP, the work to turn to the person and link2 persons. The following tally P 3 SP, turns the work on the face, and knit 3 persons. In the next series tally 4 SP, turns on the face, and knitted 4 persons. The work is repeated until a triangle is formed of 8 loops on needle. Similarly vyvyazyvayut other treug 2-ka. On the spokes are formed the same correct enterlak figures:

Video and a detailed master-class experienced masters will help to master the first P knitting enterlak and understand the general idea of ​​the technique.
Video: Start knitting technique enterlak
The second row of knitting enterlak: 2p - knitting style Entrelak important to form the edge of the web to the web has acquired its final form. When knitting the next edge and should be careful not to lose in the implementation of various shapes. Important! On the reverse side cut and tie the first thread with a thread of a different color!
The face of the sample to bind enterlak 2 personsrotate and link 2 SP. Further, from the edge vyvyazat 2 n (with the front wall and the rear), the following persons to associate 2 with the third paragraph from the spokes. Turn the work, tie 3 SP. With face repeated 2n vyvyazat from the edge, 1 persons, third paragraph with the following two together. It will continue until the two treug on, dark and light, and they shall not cleave the spoke will not go 8 n new color.
Then formed a square. From the free edge of the first treug Single recruited needle 8 p. The work is rotated, and the tally 8 SP. In every personal series last square loop is knitted with 2 n of the second triangle. Thus, vyvyazyvayut square and connected to the second treug th, similarly to the second to the third square enterlak triangle:

Master class 2 R, shot on video, will quickly master the technique of knitting Entrelak.
Video: Continue knitting
The third row of knitting enterlak:3p enterlak - you need to start with the side of the triangle, which will be the basis for the 3 series. For this purpose recruited loops 8 from the free edge of the last triangle. The Wrong P to reduce the first 2 sts are knitted together 2 SP. This is repeated until the spoke will remain No. 2. Important! Changing the thread color and last 2n provyazyvayutsya new thread.
Further, the ends of the strands bind to and recruited by paragraph 8the wrong side. Next river front, and in the last purl p n is connected to the first n the other way square with SP 2. Work continues until all loops are not connected to each other and form a new enterlak square:

Similarly tally all the other figures, video on working with the same model will help to master 3 p enterlak knitting.
Video: enterlaka Knitting on the wrong side

4p - to finish the sample enterlak,necessary that the spokes are p figure 2, i.e. Treug-2 and the edges of the squares and directed to the left. With the spokes such figures, it is possible to close the knitting pattern.
5p - it is on the wrong side of the thread,which it was connected first p and n are drawn from the first 8-treug and edges. Facial p tally persons and with PHI. last loop is connected to the first n square means 2 together. Further, in each PHI P decreases canvas by provyazyvaniya SP 2 together at the beginning and at the end of district also figure 2 are connected with IP. In conclusion, the spoke will remain three claim that close one SP. Similarly, all other triangles are knitted covering fabric sample:

To master this great technique is anyaspiring seamstresses. Train on small knitting products, socks and hats, and then create true masterpieces in Enterlak style can be, combining business with pleasure, make this a small business.
Video tutorial helps to learn a number of product completion technique Entrelak technology.
Video: Shutdown

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