Embroidery peacock in the art on the basis of cross circuits

Embroidery peacock in the art on the basis of cross circuits


It has long been associated with regal peacocksbird, which was a symbol of greatness, nobility and aristocracy. If needlewoman want to embroider a picture depicting wealth, luxury and beauty, they cross embroidered peacocks. Now, when the modern embroiderers choose different schemes for their work, they do not forget about these birds. It is believed that the peacocks symbolize the beauty of the surrounding nature and the colors of the world. Schemes that can be found in large numbers on the Internet, are striking in their beauty. There are two kinds of peacock color: the first - is the most common, it is represented by the use of different shades of the rainbow, and the second a dazzling white, which impresses with its splendor.

Cross Stitch peacocks

The greatness of these birds is familiar to all. Luxury peacock's tail is considered to be its main asset. Maybe that's why, if you believe the legends, pen brings prosperity and happiness in the house. If you love to embroider in cross technique, then one can not ignore this gorgeous bird. This pattern is wonderful to decorate any wall in your home, and most importantly to attract the attention of your guests will not be able to pass this masterpiece.
To embroider a picture, you will need a standard list of materials:

  • colored yarn floss;
  • canvas;
  • the hoop from the embroidery needle;
  • Peacock scheme.

Embroidery process is understandable even for beginnersneedle women, nothing complicated about it, even though quite a number of colors used. Embroidered on the canvas conventional cross technique without changing the direction of the stitches throughout the work. Main constantly consult with the scheme and do everything as carefully as possible, but in this case, your picture will be great.

Whatever scheme you choose, in any case the embroidery will look very nice as a luxury of the birds do not spoil.

The matrimonial bedroom is recommended to hang a picture with the image of a beautiful pair of peacocks. We suggest you consider an interesting circuit with two colorful birds.

If you want to simplify your workflow,then buy a ready-made set of embroidery technique cross. For example, it may be a 3D set, which can be found in any store. Convenient packaging set is made in A4 format. It contains all the attributes that are required of each needlewoman: first of all it is the color scheme with a key. Basically 54 color floss thread will be used as a peacock's tail has many ebbs. As you will be given the liner, which is a diagram broken into numbered sections and figures.

These figures show the number of pages on whichIt illustrates the elements of a peacock scheme. One piece of floss thread already cut and stored in a special organizer, and the other part of the base material is folded neatly in a package. Stitches embroider only in the place where the picture is just of a peacock, since the background must remain untouched. The beauty of this set will help novice craftswomen easily cope with the task, and experienced embroiderers will save time.
Our site has been repeatedly described by allthe process of creating stitches in the art of the cross, so we recommend you to study them. Main create stitches in one direction and not change it for all embroidery. If you do not follow this simple rule, then you can spoil the look of the picture. If you notice that something has gone wrong, we recommend to dissolve the thread and start all over again. The finished product is necessary to iron and hang it in a frame with glass, then embroidery will retain its beauty for a long time. peacock embroidery will delight you always.

Schemes embroidery peacocks