Chrysanthemum Bead detailed instructions for weaving (video)

Chrysanthemum Bead detailed instructions for weaving (video)


Chrysanthemum Bead, along with many otherflowers and trees, which can be produced using a variety of techniques of weaving, are a great pastime for all of us. Beading was known in ancient Egypt, that is, its history goes back many centuries. This needlework came to Russia in the Middle Ages, and began to use mother of pearl and freshwater pearls. These natural materials are used to make beautiful clothes and household items. Beads, as such, was invented later and was not a simple beading crafts and present arts and crafts.
Beads are used for weaving various ornaments,such as bracelets, necklaces and earrings. But other than that, of beads, you can create incredibly beautiful decorations for the interior. Using our master class, netting schemes, photos and videos, you can own hands to do a lot of things you can not buy in the store. As can be manufactured using weaving beads?

Master class for creating Chrysanthemum Bead

Today we will talk to you about howChrysanthemum weave of beads. Consideration should be given a master class, which will allow us to understand this. To make chrysanthemum beaded, we must prepare:

  • Beads green color to the leaves;
  • White beads (can be replaced by a yellow or red);
  • Wire: 0.4mm;
  • Thick wire for the main trunk;
  • Floral tape is green;
  • Tweezers.
  • Petals
    Take a meter and a thin wire strung onIt is our white beads. Count the number, we will not recruit long string before reaching the end. A bit of wire left vacant. Stepping back from the edge of about 5 cm, 10 cm beads move adjacent to this free site. Fold the wire with beads displaced half and make two complete revolutions, forming the first loop. Thereafter, in the same way in this second wire we do the same loop, and then the third. We've got three leaf located on the same wire. Such triple petals, we need to make 4 pieces. Then you need to make five triple petals smaller, as in the photo. For a small tab will not gain 10 cm and 6 cm beads.

    Video: Scourge petals

    When you have finished weaving the petals of chrysanthemum,We start manufacturing leaflets. To do this, we use a technique called "French braiding arcs." For the leaves can take wire tougher than petals. Desirably, this steel wire has a green color. On long wire strung green beads, about 1 meter. Free from beaded edge use to create a loop. About 20 cm of wire in half turn back to form a loop. In this move the loop of 5 cm. Of green beads and twists loop two turns, so it does not spill. Now we spread the beads on both sides of our wire loop.
    Since the second hand beaded also perform twistingwire. Make it bigger than the first, for three or four turns. Promote little beads close to the loop, it was enough to perform an arc along the edge of the loop. This arc also need to fix, screwing it all on one turn. On the other hand do leaf arc parallel to one another, and fixing it. The result was four rows of beads. But that's not all, because the need for a single sheet of 11 arches (series). The end of the wire, which is needed for screwing arcs are bent and hide in the leaf. Very well, you can see in the video, it looks like weaving arcs. Leaf is over, but we need all three of these leaflet.

    Video: Scourge leaves

    flower Building
    We continue our master class on makingChrysanthemum Bead. Now you need to collect the flower chrysanthemum from pre petals. We start this work with that join together five triple petals smaller. We do this by twisting the wires. We put all of our triple leaves to each other, lightly press them, and scroll with all five wires. The next step consists in joining our bud larger sheets, all four turns. Attach them in the same way. When triple petals are joined together, it is necessary to make chrysanthemum flower sepals.
    To make the green sepals wireWe shall find green beads. Retreating 3sm.ot end, twist a loop of 10 beads. Then we have four such loops. All loops have to do on the same line. The result was a sepal of five small petals, or tabs.

    Video: Putting petals and sepal weave

    Our Chrysanthemum Bead almost ready. We can only put together all the parts of it. Take our chrysanthemum flower and pushed into a thick wire 2-3 cm. This is done in order to flower, our standing firm and not bent.
    The next step is to connect with a flowersepals. This is done in the familiar way of screwing the wire to the trunk of a chrysanthemum. After that we decorate our stem floral tape. At the base of the flower make a large number of turns of the tape to better disguise the base. Gradually advancing tape down the stem, join him on stage every leaf chrysanthemum. Stem decorate floras tape to the bottom. Completing work on our flower, we straighten all the petals, slightly bending them.

    Video: The build process of a flower

    Our master class ends. Magnificent chrysanthemum beads can be placed in a vase and enjoy its beauty, but you can give to friends or relatives.
    Among the large number of items thatcan decorate your house, a prominent place belongs to different plants, an infinite number of colors, exotic trees and ornamental beads. Using various schemes, photo and video materials, can be made of roses and tulips, lilacs and gladioli, cornflowers and sunflowers, as well as any other plants and flowers without any restrictions.

    Video: Beading chrysanthemum