Cross-stitch dogs of different breeds according to the scheme

Cross-stitch dogs of different breeds according to the scheme


Each needlewoman, who has a pet, seeks to capture his image on the canvas, that is,
. The cross-stitching of a dog's scheme isQuite a simple lesson, which even a beginner can cope with, especially if you are waking up a ready-made set for embroidery. Let's take a look at the examples of schemes, according to which remarkable pictures with the depiction of dogs are embroidered.

We embroider dogs with a cross

If you want to embroider the image of yourA pet, then a special computer program will help you, thanks to which you will create your own scheme. To do this, you need to upload a photo of the dog and specify the desired image size. The program itself will calculate the size of the canvas and the color range, and you can create an incredible beauty embroidery cross.

If you just love such beautiful animals,As dogs, then we present you a selection of interesting schemes depicting different breeds. The first diagram shows a dog with very kind eyes and a small nose. Long and fluffy hair makes it even more charming. This animal can become faithful and loyal to its owner, and most importantly become a true friend. For work you will need to have colored threads of mulina, a white canvas, a special needle for embroidery in the technique of the cross, scissors and hoop, a vanishing marker and of course a scheme.
For convenience, draw a vanishing markerCanvas on the squares. Thus, you will gradually embroider each square until you finish the work. Stitches are made by the color shown on the key to the diagram. The main thing is to make sure that the crosses are the same, otherwise the picture will immediately notice flaws. If you notice that the stitches are not even, you better dissolve them and start all over again. Pull the needle from the wrong side up from the bottom corner to the left. Then make a move to the right upper corner, in the end you have a semi cross. Next, pull the needle from the lower right corner and enter into the left corner, which is at the top. Now it's a full cross. Stitches should always look in one direction. If you need to embroider a solid strip in one color, then first make a row of semi stitches, and then go back and finish embroidering the cross. To change the color of the floss to another, make several stitches on the back side to fix the thread. Nodules can not be done. And now you can embroider in another color.

The following scheme is intended for more experiencedNeedlewomen. She depicts the sad and pensive dog of the Jack Russell Terrier breed. It should be embroidered with a cross. This is a difficult job with a lot of different shades of floss. But the finished result will look like - like it's a living dog. So naturally everything is done.

Embroider the picture of the dog on the same principle asWas described above in the text. The finished product must be rinsed in warm water, dried and ironed. After that, the embroidered image of the dog can be inserted into the frame.

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