Embroidery with ribbons on finished products (photo and video)

Embroidery with ribbons on finished products (photo and video)


Grayness and monotony most of usAbsolutely unnecessary. Someone decorates themselves, someone - the environment around, and there are craftsmen who have any day - in bright colors. And often all this - solely with their own hands. Thanks to the huge number of types of needlework, it is sometimes quite easy to do. For example, with the help of
. In order to realize how popular this particular kind of arts and crafts is, just glance at the photo of various works on our website is enough.

Needle with ribbons

Embroidery on the bed - this is an excellent opportunity for those who are just beginning to try their hand at this kind of needlework.
For many varieties of needlework, needles are needed,Often - several pieces of different types. The idea of ​​making a needle bed is therefore very attractive. To execute such a thing "from scratch" with your own hands is easy at any level of skill. Materials that will be required:

  • Canvas (according to the size of the future needle bed plus a small margin for bending and filing);
  • Ribbons (selected depending on the selected pattern);
  • Embroidery threads in the tone of ribbons (for example, mulina);
  • Sintepon for packing.

For embroidery it is better to choose simple schemes withSmall motifs from narrow satin ribbons. When marking the canvas under the drawing, the reference point is the center of the fabric. When placing the motifs, it is necessary to provide a place, not filled with embroidery - for needles.
Needle - a small thing, but this thingShould be sufficiently stable. That's why unnecessary computer disks are ideally suited as a basis for a needle bed. The standard disk has a relatively large diameter. Not every needlewoman needs a pillow for needles of this size. But you can also take mini-disks: a needle bed with them will be the size of about a palm. It will take two "rounds": one will need to be inserted inside the needle bed to give it a shape, and then pull off the edges of the canvas. On the second disc, you need to glue the prepared cushion, so that the bottom folds of the canvas do not interfere with the bed of the bed on the table exactly.
For the decor of the bed, it is good to use pieces of ribbons left after earlier works. In addition, such a thing is a perfect gift for any needlewoman.

How to decorate ribbons with clothes

Almost every skilled worker, even a beginner, can notJust decorate your clothes with ribbons, but also in your profile or in a group of a social network proudly put photos of the masterpiece. And then with pleasure to collect "likes" and enthusiastic comments. Embroidery with ribbons on clothes is almost as popular as embroidered paintings.

A sense of style and measure is very important here. The subject of the wardrobe, which is overloaded with decor of ribbons, will look rather tasteless than exquisite, and after all to spoil any thing, and even with your own hands, will be simply insulting. The most popular and adorned are the following types of clothing and its elements:

  • Dresses for dresses and blouses;
  • Dressing gowns and nightgowns;
  • Children's panamki, sarafans, blouses;
  • Lapels and pockets of cardigans and waistcoats;
  • Single -ton knitted sweatshirts and blouses;
  • Denim skirts, trousers and jackets.

As you can see, you can paint on your ownAlmost the entire wardrobe. A real exclusive and luxury item will be a wedding dress with ribbons embroidered, but this work is for real, experienced craftsmen.
As for fabrics on which embroidery is possible,There are practically no restrictions. When working on knitwear, it is especially important to pierce the base and stretch the ribbons only between the threads, not allowing them to break, otherwise the newly decorated product will literally begin to creep.

Embroidery with ribbons on clothes requires a certainSequence: the largest elements are embroidered first, and as the work progresses, smaller motifs are performed. Since embroidery with ribbons is often combined with other types of needlework, then after completing the basic work, perform other additional elements:

  • Stitches with embroidery threads;
  • Beads, beads;
  • Sequins;
  • Various bows.

To decorate clothes depending on the placeEmbroidery can be chosen as large motifs, as well as small ones. In the first case, it can be a rose or poppy, embroidered on the right or left on a turtleneck or blouse. Such elements already attract attention and usually do not need additions. A large decor can consist of many small stitches, for example, if embroidery is a bunch of grapes or a branch of lilac. In the second - a placer or a chain of small flowers on the edge of a short sleeve, the edge of the cut or hem. In this case, there is one technical trick: if the distances between the motives are rather large, one should each be sewn separately, in order to avoid overspending of the tapes. But if the small elements are located next to them, they can be embroidered while the tape is enough, stretching it on the wrong side.
Usually the decor of clothes with ribbons is alsoA wonderful lesson for mothers with children. If the child is still small, then it's very easy to turn some of his things into something particularly beautiful on his own. Adolescent children can be fully connected to the process of needlework. The things made by children's hands will then cause for a long time everyone's warmest feelings.

Bags with ribbon patterns

A great addition to the clothes thatPersonally decorated with some bright and colorful motif of ribbons, can also become handbags with the same decor. Of course, ready-made leather bags are not suitable for this kind of needlework, regardless of whether the material is natural or artificial. As a rule, there the decor is ready, factory. Another thing - a bag that is made by themselves "from" and "to".

To decorate bags you can not only make upPatterns or take as a basis the existing schemes. Depending on the type and design of the bag you can buy ready-made print for embroidery with ribbons. This will speed up the execution of the whole product, especially if all the necessary tapes are also attached to the fabric with the applied scheme. The work done on the factory template can be sewn on a suitable bag. In this case, the seams can also be decorated decoratively. The edges of the embroidery must necessarily be processed.
Also a beautiful bag in a folk style with a decorFrom the ribbons can be sewn by yourself. To do this, a linen or cotton cloth with a large weave of threads is suitable. It is recommended to first embroider on the items designed for this and already cut, and only then sew the bag.
Of course, embroidered bags are not an everyday option for going to the market for food. But for a country party
- an excellent component of the image. A small purse with bright flowers will be a wonderful gift to your beloved niece or daughter of a friend.

Video: embroidered with ribbons on the headdress

Good to know

When the contour of the pattern is applied to the fabricIt is recommended to use special markers, the strokes from which, under the influence of air, disappear by themselves within approximately two days. Alternatives may be markers, the figure from which is washed off with water.

The parts of the clothes on which it is planned to make embroidery are strongly discouraged from being placed in the embroidery frame - the warp fabric can easily deform and no longer take the same shape.
Things on which embroidery is done, like any otherManual work, require certain tricks in the care. For example, relief embroidery is strictly forbidden to iron. Decor for everyday wear is recommended to be processed with colorless acrylic lacquer. This process requires some training and skill (you can learn from unsuccessful or training work), but embroidered elements will be better protected. With proper care, decorations from tapes will not wear out for a long time, they will not fade or lose shape.

Video: embroidery with ribbons on clothes with your own hands