As snowflakes weave of gum to the New Year holidays

As snowflakes weave of gum to the New Year holidays


On the threshold of the New Year, topical themes forweaving become snowflakes, snowmen, Christmas trees and all that is connected with this wonderful holiday. In this article we will learn how to weave a snowflake out of gum.

Instructions for weaving on a loom snowflakes

You can choose color options for the gumsits discretion. In our example, frosty beauties will be blue and white. six bars of the machine will be used for weaving. First, it is necessary to weave each ray separately and then combine them into a comprehensive snowflake.

Take gum white and four timeswrap around the hook. Stretched blue rezinochku through the white. The result was a kind of eight, wrapped in the middle. We pull on the second pegs both edges of the blue iris. Now it stretch over both edges from the second machine to the first and third columns. This is the first layer weave.

On the first and third pegs eight dressthe white gum. They form a second layer. The first layer of the iris reset from the first and third pillars inside. Next weaving continues blue gums. A sequence similar to the previous step. Eight throws the next layer on the first and third pillars, and throw down the previous coat the inside netting.

On the second stretch the pegs rezinochku bluecolors. The same thing we do, and the bottom row. The white rubber bands worn on the first and third columns. The bottom row must be removed through the outer side toward the center.

Now, to complete the first ray of weavingsnowflakes, you just need the right number of the machine on its left lane to transfer all rezinochki. The first element may be set aside to make way for the next machine.

The total amount of a ray at the snowflakes - five. When they are intertwined, you can proceed to the completion of our product. Take two white iris and toss components to them. The ends of their need to connect the loop. Weave completed.
The scheme is simple enough, so how to weavesnowflake of gum understand even inexperienced mistress. Experiment with colors, use rezinochki that glow in the dark. Such products can even be used as a decoration for the Christmas tree.
Snowflake on a different scheme of weaving.
Take the iris and wraps four times aroundMachine column. Then connect the column to the adjacent two other irises. Repeat these steps two more times. Thus, we have six columns with the same pattern. On each pair do eight, throwing rezinochku bottom to the center. Loops take off with the help of the hook.

Use the hook to doplesti ray to the desiredlength. Repeat this procedure five times to the instrument formed an appropriate amount of a ray. With the help of a hook is passed through the two loops of the iris and tighten the knot to snowy miracle crumbled. Straightens elements, the product is ready.

Scourge snowflake on the hook

Res. We pull on the hook for four. Through it passes a second. By repeating this step, weave three blanks. Three blank toss 1 Res. The result was the first ray. Our Snezhinochka is five-pointed.

Five parts should be put on rezinochku. Just hook to hook her and pulled through all of the free loops elements.

When they are joined into a single unit, you can tighten the knot that our gift was not scattered.

Any snowflake can be present as a pendant to their loved ones. Simply attach the loop to a single beam and brelochek ready.

Video: weaving lessons from snowflakes rezinochek