We knit knitted mittens with braids according to the schemes and video instructions

We knit knitted mittens with braids according to the schemes and video instructions


Frosty winter warm knitted mittensAre not only a beautiful accessory, but most of all the necessary warming part of the wardrobe. For those of you who have knitting skills, it's not difficult to make warm mittens. For girls and women it is important not only to knit with warm knitted gloves. We really want the gloves to be spectacular and beautiful, and for this we need to place the original patterns on the canvas. Very stylish looks like this kind of relief, like plaits and braids. This master class will show you some variants of knitting mittens, using for this purpose a description of the work and the corresponding schemes.

We knit braids

All kinds of mittens with braids are knitted in accordance with various patterns of drawings. It is these patterns that prefer to see on the canvas the majority of our women of fashion, as well as adolescent girls.

The present master class on knitting
With a braid pattern, you can choose exactly the terrain that you like best.

Lesson knitting white mittens with a pattern of "Scythe"

We will now consider and knit such beautiful white mittens.
For making mittens with relief braidsPrepare a hundred grams of thick yarn. You can knit on circular knitting needles number seven. We will execute the first set of loops in quantity of thirty pieces, and we will connect about nine centimeters (cm) with an elastic band 1х1. Having finished knitting an elastic band, we begin to perform the relief according to the following scheme.
Having connected about fifteen centimeters with the Kosa pattern on thisScheme, move to the additional pin six loops (P) for the finger, and then dial the same number. Continue the needlework until the length reaches the desired size, and then proceed to reduce the amount. It is necessary to cut down along the edges of the relief, as well as in the center of the palm. Bringing up to eight, we pull it all together. Finger knitting needles after the completion of the main part of the product.

Video: How to tie mittens on five knitting needles

Color mittens with braids

The next master class tells about knitting mittens with knitting needles. The model is decorated with magnificent braids in two rows.

There is also a description and diagrams of the pictureSpit for needlework. Those mittens that you see in the photo, you need to knit like socks. Hinges are located on four spokes, and the fifth is working. We make a set of fifty-two pieces, placing thirteen units equally. First, according to the custom, forty rows (P) are sewn with an elastic band 2x2. Right after the elastic band knitting is performed according to the following scheme.

This scheme has a corresponding description, which you see below.

Having copied the pattern of the braids according to the ten P scheme,Finger, then continue the needlework with knitting needles. We knit the mitten for the required length, continuing to follow the pattern and execute the pattern we need. At the level of the little finger, we begin to round the shape by reducing the loops. Having brought their quantity to eight pieces, we tighten everything and fix it with a thread.

The master class tells how to makeMittens with knitting needles with a pattern of braids. We type loops into four spokes, eight pieces each. Then we start to knit with an elastic band 1x1, and we perform it for a length of seven centimeters. Video master class contains diagrams of drawings for each stage of work. After the gum, the first P knit from the front and back loops. The first five rows of the pattern are similar. In the sixth P we begin to perform the first crossing of the braid. To do this, we transfer the four IIs to an additional pin, place them ahead of the work, and we sew later. Then we perform from the seventh to the thirteenth (P) without changes. In the thirteenth row we knit half of the canvas, after which we make a hole for the thumb on the side of the palm of the mittens. To do this, in the right place, select six P, and transfer them to an additional pin. Instead of them we type the same quantity of P. From the fourteenth row we knit according to the scheme. All the other rows are also performed according to the scheme, and we will finish the fingers when we finish knitting the main part of the mittens. The next weave of the braid we do in the sixteenth row, then in the twenty-sixth, and every ten rows to the end of the canvas. At the twenty-fourth centimeter from the beginning of knitting we begin to close the loops.
When closed, the pattern is no longer executed. At the beginning of each knitting needle we will do by decreasing, tying the two P together. We work until all along the loop. We send two together, until there is only one loop left. Cut the thread, drag it through the last P, and tighten it. Now we need to tie a finger. We do this with the help of three spokes. We collect on two of them on four and three pieces, and we will add six more postponed loops. We knit a finger from these thirteen P on three spokes with facial loops and the same technique as the mitten itself. At this stage, we only need to finish the needlework, carefully threading the remaining threads on the wrong side, and masking them with a hook between the eyelets of the mittens. To do this, thread each thread through several nearby loops, after which you can cut off the ends. You had the opportunity to see how beautiful mittens with beautiful patterns simply knit. Now each of you can easily cope with such needlework.

Video: We knit mitten with a scythe