Lily Bead: different versions of weaving (photo and video)

Lily Bead: different versions of weaving (photo and video)


Majestic and delicate lily knowingly styledroyal flower. Its white color embodies the incredible beauty among the many species of flora. Lily Bead - simple and original solution for interior decoration at home or apartment. Small vase with a bouquet can be arranged in the office of the table.
Bead Weaving may first appeardifficult, but after a few sessions you may well be able to surprise relatives and friends masterpiece, made with his own hands. Learning this art is possible by watching video tutorials.

Workshop on weaving white lily Bead

For you will need quite a bit of material. We need to be:

  • thin and thick wire;
  • beads of several colors for weaving the leaves and flowers;
  • green shade with floral tape;
  • glue, scissors.

To master the technique and explore the possibilities of a beadfloristry help our today's master class. You will be able to join the implementation of these colors, using small beads. Learn to make lily of beads.
The process leaves Pletnev process begins workfrom the production of leaves. To do this, prepare a thread of metal in length of 70 cm. The petals are made via arc weaving. All who like beads, are probably familiar with it. The method originated in France. It is widely used in the production of leaves and flowers such as violets and roses. To view the elegant French technique can be by examining the implementation of the scheme of flowers. To capture the method is not entirely simple. There will need to practice, it is necessary to twist the wire and properly positioning beads, otherwise the work will turn sloppy. Let us consider such a weaving technique.
To begin with, a certain number of beads strung on a metal wire and fasten it. To do this, pull back about 10 cm from one end and make a small loop size.

Then curl up around the arc axis. Beads want to distribute tightly that there is no space between them. How to perform this can be seen from the scheme. Now we make a half-circle and fasten the beads, which should be around the base of the wire to make a coil.

Next, we make a second semi-circle, and fasten it to the base. The sequence of work demonstrates the scheme.

Continue stringing beads arcs to produce the desired workpiece size.

On each subsequent pair of arcs number of beadsadd. Care should be taken that they are firmly adhered. Must make so that tight rows were formed on a wire working. The number of arcs depends on the size of the product. In concluding, it should be working to fix the wire at the base.
Our master class demonstratedpromoting French technology. Made it look three-dimensional elements. In addition, this method of weaving the details for a lily can be seen on the corresponding video.
Creating petals lily Let's create whitelily. To organize this work will help us a master class. Make up the tab as follows: the upper part is white. And to make it look softer base is better to make yellow.
After a set of five arcs takes to the formation of the edge of the openwork petal. All stages of the activity clearly shown in the photo.

Beads strung on a wire. Not reaching a fifth to the upper end of the petal, spin thread work and combine this with the previous series. Then return to the starting position. The movement indicated by the arrows, it can be clearly seen from the scheme. Edge on the other hand perform a similar openwork.

After lily petal beads ready, cut off the excess wire and carefully hide the ends. For one, it is necessary to weave a flower up to six pieces.

Now we have to make the pistil. For more expressive take light green beads. Stamen prepare with brown and yellow hues. Technique - needle weaving.

To complete assembly of the flower flower begin withthe fact that the center has a pistil, stamens enveloped him. For the density of mounting a master class offers primotat their green thread. For this purpose, also used floral tape. Finally, fasten the pitch. Putting three of them in the same amount and with the outside. All the elements tightly primatyvaem to lily bead retains its shape. Stem elegantly entwine floral tape.

The time has come to form an integral part ofour creation - bud. To do it only one lobe, which curler. Creating branch lily, it is necessary to prepare three flowers and six green leaves, from one to three buds. All the elements gather under the photo.

It looks a sprig of lily amazing. Its production of the strength to anyone who wants to join in the creative process. Flower, which we have dedicated this master class, it is appropriate to give dear people. A touching little brooch will be unexpected and pleasant surprise for a friend in the day on March 8th. A small vase with lilies of beads, decorate the bedroom.
The options of creating this flower set. These works of art can be seen by watching the video, with the creation of a flower arrangement of black lily.

Video: Lesson beading black lily

Pink lily

Masters, driven by this kind of crafts, the basis for creativity are beautiful color schemes. We offer you a bouquet of lilies. For the manufacture of
in white, yellow and pink colors. Useful brown tone and fern leaves as decor. The stamens of the flower collect yellow and brown. Sprigs make up with white beads, as the scheme №2. According to Figure №1 perform petals. Two of them we turn straw into bud. Next, make a few green leaves (the sequence of their braiding, tell №3 scheme).

After assembling all the pieces, make up the composition. It can assemble as prompt your imagination, or by analogy with the color photo.

This wonderful plant can be made of beadsany color. One classic option is Tiger Lily Bead. It is desirable to have a copper or gold wire, orange and dark brown color of beads is needed for weaving flowers. To combine all the parts into a whole, it is better to have a live plant. If this is not possible, repeat the outline of the flower will view the video.
We have considered several options lily weavingfrom beads. If you are a creative person is not afraid to experiment, to offer their exclusive models, take photos of creative works. Lily always look elegantly and majestically, leaving no one indifferent.

Video: Scourge tiger lily Bead