Beading machine production versions with their own hands

Beading machine production versions with their own hands


Beading hobby has now become a verymany. It's beautiful, very interesting and opens up scope for creativity. Beaded handmade products that are used as ornaments, always attract attention, emphasizing the good taste of their owners.
Many believe that the only bead weavingbracelets, earrings and unusual figures, but this is not all. Using the machine for beading, weaving masters the whole bubbly paintings in the art of bead weaving. Machine needle women are also needed, as well as the spinner for beads. In this master class, we will look at all of the major ways of self-production machines, as well as their selection rules for buying and types. You will certainly make sure that the machine is quite easy to do.

Types of machine tools for bead weaving

Wire machine biseropleteniyaReshiv buybeading machine, you should pay attention to some of its characteristics and relying on them to select the kind of machine that will be optimal for you.
Choosing a machine for the beads, you should immediately drawnote is the maximum width of the article that it can be manufactured. If you plan to weave the machine only bracelets, it is quite enough to buy a wire saw. It is convenient to weave, it takes up little space, and is inexpensive. Another plus it that the length of the product is not limited by the coil, which is wound woven part.
Next, what is important in the machine is the way is the basis for the weaving. To your eyes are not strained unnecessarily, should choose the machine on which the foundation will be at an angle of 45 degrees.
Choosing a machine for beads, remember that they canbe wooden, wire, plastic and metal. Models of various - very simple, child-friendly and sophisticated professional to create as much as paintings, woven bead.

Children beading machine
Small wooden beading machine
Large wooden beading machine

Options for the manufacture of machines with their own hands

The machine for beading from the plastic frame
Deciding to begin to weave of beads in the artweaving, not necessarily just to buy the machine. For the first jobs it is quite possible to make their own hands. The simplest model that will be enough durable, require very little. You need to take cover from the plastic container of sufficient length. It is desirable that it is made of soft plastic, then it will be easier to cut. For the manufacture of machines for beading you will need to cut out the middle cover (so as to obtain the frame) and then the narrow edge of the slot to make a depth of about half a centimeter. Their number should be one more than the number of beads in the product width.
This is a very simple machine for beads is quite convenient and quite suitable for the development of the art of bead weaving.
The machine is made of wood This type of self-made machinevery easy to use, and its use is recommended for beginners. Make it in several ways, and here we will look at almost all of them, losing only too similar.
The easiest option for wooden machineBeading - a machine with nails. Make it very simple. To do this you will need: a smooth wooden board desired length and smaller cloves with a sufficiently large heads (the warp yarns are not jump). First, you will need to mark dosochki. Make it should be as follows: step back a little from the edge on it traced by two parallel lines at a distance of 2 cm from each other. Next to them at a distance of a centimeter marks the place where they will cloves. Carnations bottom line should fall into the spaces on the top. The same layout is done and at the opposite end. It is important to remember that as a result at the outer carnation lines must be opposite each other. The same rule applies to the two extensions nails. After trying to drive nails. The machine is ready for beads.

Beading machine with carnationsThe machine is made of cardboard The second option woodstanochka little harder and not as durable, but more secure (not scratched about sticking cloves). For him, you will need to board, thick cardboard (quite suitable cardboard from a box of chocolates), the corners of melalla and stationery clips.
It begins with the production of the machinepreparation of cardboard items, there will be two. Cut two rectangular blank made of cardboard and podgototavlivaem suitable for metal corners width. Wrapping cardboard corners, mark the center and do a neat incisions on the fold cardboard to a depth of about two millimeters. On both parts they will be equidistant. Only then strung them on strings will go in parallel. This is followed by using stationery clips to attach them to the board - based on the required distance. The machine is ready for beading.

The machine of the third variant of the machine combsIt requires more time for their creation, but it is very easy to use and durable enough. You need to take: the board for the base 4 is not large wedges for fixing and two wooden combs, the length of which will depend width of the body. To do it with your hands, you first need to fasten to the base wedges. They are bolted in pairs on each end. Between the cubes at one end should be left to crack, which is firmly, not taking off, go comb. Once both combs are installed, you can start to weave. This option is a self-made machine is convenient because you can change the comb, to change the maximum width of the product.

The machine is out of the cover of the carton so happens,that does not want to arrange a long preparatory work before the beading, and just want to do what he likes, and then you will come to the aid of the machine out of the box. Also, this machine will be very useful for beginners and skilled workers, are unfamiliar with this technique. He did not require cash expenditures, and work on it very convenient. Its great advantage is that even if at the time of weaving on it you with a needle slipped beads, they will remain inside the machine box. Since the production of this type of machine, it is necessary immediately to clearly define what will be the number of threads in the weaving basis, and to make the required number of slots (extra slots will only get in the way spoiling the edge of the box). As with all other types of machines, the slot should be clearly opposite to each other. Box stanochka this need with thin edges, or make cuts fail.

Beading machine This is the line ofsimple version of beaded stanochka and is suitable for beginners to weave beaded bracelets girls. It is a narrow, lightweight and very easy to manufacture. For him, a wooden ruler need not shorter than 30 cm, hard board and clamps. This machine is suitable for beads to master the art of weaving. You will be very easy to make it. Manufacture begins with the fact that the cardboard is folded in half and fixed by means of clamps on the ruler. Then, slits are made on it by the number of filaments.

We hope that this master class was for youuseful and beading on the machine is bound to become your hobby for many years. Now you will never make it difficult on their own machine. Beaded weaving a lot of fun and allows you to weave the most extraordinary things. In this technique, you can easily create unique belt and handmade bracelets, bags and purses, as well as the whole picture and beaded curtain. It should not be forgotten and that the weaving of beads is very useful to children, and this technique is sure to entice them.

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