Metrics for newborn babies with beautiful circuit

Metrics for newborn babies with beautiful circuit


How unusual to congratulate relatives or friendsbirth of a baby? Greeting card with stork - too banal, the money invested in the envelope, indecent, and soft toy - not suitable for age. The original hand-made gift, which became popular, began to cross embroidered children's metrics. How to choose and that it should be a matter of taste. We offer you some of the most common schemes, through which you can embroider a cross metric yourself.

Variety of children's metrics

The most common metric for children - withfunny pictures and cartoon characters. Their species are so many. This metric is easy enough to embroider. The scheme for the metric most simple colors of thread for embroidery need a little bit, about 10-15. Also in these embroidered cards have room for the newborn embroidery data: name, date and time of birth.

These metrics look very elegant and ratherresemble a moving picture. You can easily find a place for it in your home. This cute picture can give a child, and baby, you need only change the background with the letters, but you can leave and neutral color. Also it would be a good gift if the child until the last hiding and gives parents the opportunity to learn what it is sex. With this work will have to tinker. The complexity of cross stitch metrics is average, it is laborious due to the small cross and a large amount of work. After all, the entire field should be filled with crosses. Neutral welcome sign in the picture is sure to impress new parents. If desired, in the central part of the can replace the picture, suitable for embroidery, any other scheme.

Very popular metrics with a painted imagesleeping little animals or angelkov. They look like a child's cute. This metric is recommended for beginners embroiderers to embroider, the scheme for embroidery is so simple that even a child by force. Cross sections are filled with small paintings and the largest letter, the remaining elements are smaller suture needle forward.

Very cute look with the image metricsbeautiful poems with the wishes and parting words to a new person. This embroidered card can take place over the crib or baby anywhere in the children's room. Along with the columns of verse on the card can be embroidered with cherubs, vines and flowers, birds and animals, or simply a decorative border in the form of toys or hearts. We can only choose from a variety of such schemes suitable.

Beautiful metric for the boy, showingopen book with the data of a newborn baby, also looks good in comparison with other metrics. Work will not take much time, and the scheme for such pictures is quite simple. Funny animals and birds will add liveliness and illustrations, will give mood. If desired, a blue ribbon can be pink, then it will be the metric for girls.

One of the most original infant metrics - with the image of the baby and the time of year, in which he was born into the world.

This series depicts the infant sleeping in the flowers or leaves, corresponding to a certain season.
Embroidery is classified as medium difficulty, but it is worth the time and effort spent on it. Every kid seasonal pictures looks to his touching and very funny.
Another metric for girls in the form of postcards. Here you will not see any kids or little animals with birds. Baptismal shirt with ruffles and pretty flowers decorate this card. The scheme embroidery is simple, but most of the picture is filled with a cross, so will require perseverance. In the center there are several rows of cards that can accommodate metric data of the baby. Suitable such a sweet card more than a little girl.

Illustration of a child's bedroom with the baby in the cribIt is a perfect gift for the little man. The scheme embroidery does not require special skills, but the volume of work is large enough. Crosses fill a large part of the field. Such a picture can give a child of either sex.

A lot of metrics represent the sleeping infantchildren. This is just one of them. Kid (or baby) fast asleep in an embrace with a favorite toy. Very simple scheme, embroidery metric does not take long. Outlining the picture helps to create a complete view of the work. At the bottom there is a place for these baby: his name and date of birth.

Embroidered portrait of the baby or the baby touchedany mother, this work is worthy of the highest praise. Sophisticated color transitions and colors create the effect of photos. The circuit is quite complicated embroidery and requires experience. If you wish, you can complement the portrait of metric parameters, but this is not mandatory.

Another view of the children's metrics - this metric withprayer. It will serve not only the decoration of the nursery, but also become a talisman for the baby. The circuit of medium difficulty. This picture you can begin to embroider in advance, because it is neutral and fits all.

Another variety of metrics - metrics with thissigns of the zodiac and the elements of the newborn. This is a full picture of the cross completely filled. It will be a place and a name for the baby, and dates of birth and zodiac sign. Very meticulous embroidery work, but the result will not regret the effort. Each of the four elements expressed in different ways, so it is very nice even just to look at these schemes. If you decide on the embroidery of this metric, it will make a great gift for young parents. This metric is for boys and girls at the same time, so to suit everyone.

These are just a few types of children's metrics. Not everyone. You can take advantage of some of these schemes, and can come up with some kind of a unique scheme. For two identical people do not exist, each person is unique, and everyone is entitled to their personal well-made and individual metriku.Est and other metrics: embroidered embroidery, ribbons or painted colors. Choose the one that you like. By creating such a perfect gift for the little guy, think about who it will be and what will be the man.
Be creative and giving people good. After work, keeping your hands warm, keep it forever and will carry a piece of the soul embedded in many years.

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