How to make a Ninja Turtle costume. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

How to make a Ninja Turtle costume. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Ask any boy what he wanted to beNew Year's masquerade. Votov be sure to hear the name of one of the multiplikation or fairy-tale heroes. The boys like to be heroes. In this there is nothing wrong, but I will have to try to sew a suitable children's costume with my own hands. The history of the ninja's parading has been around for many years, but the nominees still remain in the middle of the main characters. We will try to make a suit of ninjas on its own. Ninja costume

Materials for sewing

Of course, you can take a turtle ninja suit and a racer. The non-creative occupation can turn into a fun time for children and their parents. So, the ninja costume consists of:

  • bases of green color;
  • shell;
  • additional accessories in the form of bandages, knee pads, weapons and others.

Costume complete setTo sew masquerade clothes for children you will need:

  • Turtleneck or jacket is green, and trousers. It could be an old green pajama. It is desirable that the shade of green is darker. Noisvetlo-green, too, will do. Still, this is your version of the turtle. The main thing is that it should be recognizable.
  • Yellow fabric. It is convenient to use the flannel. It is more pliable and dense. What you will do from time to time, we will tell you later.
  • It will be useful acrylic paint and a dye for the fabric.
  • The brown ribbon will act as a belt.
  • Will need Velcro for connecting parts.
  • A piece of red cloth for additional accessories.
  • Holofayber or sintepon. It needs a little. Perhaps at home there were old sofa cushions. You can borrow a little stuffing.
  • Form for baking. As guessed it was for the shell. The form should be large enough that the children's costume should be recognized.

Ninja Turtle CostumeArmament with threads and needles. And do not delay the work on the last day. The result will exceed expectations, if you approach the task with a good mood. Pattern of Costume


In this section, we will discuss how to make a children's costume of a ninja turtle out of available materials.

  • Let's start working on the trousers. If uvass at home is missing clothes green, take a white flannel pajamas and paint it with a dye for the fabric.
  • When the green base is ready, we continue working on the torso of the turtle. To do this, we cut out the yellowed oval material. Sewing strips
  • Sew it with a green blouse as follows. We lay a line of the vertical, through the entire area of ​​the oval. Then two more lines of the horizontal line. It is desirable that there is an equal distance between them. I'll twist the yellow oval until I'm stitching.
  • When you dig out three lines, you will get six yellow pockets. We use a sintepon or holfiber for volume. Then it's time to sew the oval. The torso of the hero is ready.
  • Color fabric we cut out the potholes, which we sewsleeves, cuffs. Nashtanishki colored strips appear in the area of ​​the knees. If there is no time to sew them, you can simply tie it. We make a bandage for the eye of the color strip. Masks on the eyes
  • We proceed with the preparation of the most complex and importantparts. Cases are shell. He must be voluminous and light, so that the ninja costume does not discomfort at wear. To do this, we use a baking dish of the appropriate size. First, we paint the shape in a brown color using acrylic paint. Ask the children to do this. The lesson is imprinted. Shelling
  • Lightweight armor is enough to fix it. To do this, the edges of our form make holes, which will be passed through the brown ribbon. Another secret of securing the shell is Velcro tape. One of its end is attached to the upper part of the shell inside, adrugoy-code napin.
  • When we are ready, let us proceedmaking belt buckles. If you mention, the named hero was shown the first letter of the name. Ask them what they wanted to be. Parents are reminded that the names of turtles are Michelangelo, Donatello, Rafael, Leonardo. Belt buckle
  • A buckle can be made from a cardboard. Cut out the circle, which glue in advance the first letter of the name, also of cardboard.
  • Finished shellOur ninja costume is almost ready. Lack of weapons. It can be done by cutting out a cardboard or buying separately in the store goods for children. Ready suit

    Tips for tailoring a suit

    Here are some recommendations on how to make a ninja costume right, so that you do not have to change the flail. Our tips will also simplify your work and can save on the material.

    • If there is no colored fabric and do not want to buy a new cut, use colored socks.
    • If your son is skating on sketches, safely take knee pads and knuckles. Then they will not be able to do them, and they will look more effectively.
    • If you are painting a fabric or a separate part, for example, a shell, wait until it dries completely.
    • Securely fasten accessories to non-flying. We are sure that your child will want to demonstrate his costume to his friends and classmates all the best, and this will have to get used to wag, jump, run, swing arms.

    Named masksIf uvas something is not received, do not be offended. Postpone the work on time to return to the knees when there is inspiration. We are sure that a lot of interesting ideas will arise in time of tailoring children's costume, uvass. See similar master classes: