Permogorskaya painting and kinds of folk crafts (pictures)

Permogorskaya painting and kinds of folk crafts (pictures)


The concept permogorskoy painting appeared for a long time. And she was conceived on the basis of images of the Great Ustyug. Today, it is the art of the North is gaining popularity. A distinctive feature of permogorskih figures is to perform intricate compositions on a white background.
Probably all seen in museums permogorskie distaff. It is they often wrote two of the most famous picture - bird Sirin in the groves of paradise and birds near the Tree of Life. Besides images permogorskaya painting is accompanied by inscriptions. Also on the spinning wheels can be seen in the form of conventional compositions women with a spinning wheel, a wedding train, family for dinner. In general, drawing something with which faced in daily life: people, animals, work, work tools.
Besides spinning wheels painted decorated permogorskoyBaby cot, boxes, tueski, dishes. Very often the image correspond to, what thing applies. For example, baby cradles and drew it on life, bread bins - meal on a platter for fish - fish.

Permogorskaya painting

As painted a spinning wheel
Permogorskaya spinning wheel has: large blade with a few balls at the top and two at the bottom, and a high leg base. In the process of making the painting patterns on all its parts. On the blade is always portrayed Syria bird in the tree branches. It has traditionally consisted in the circle and in the middle of the tree. At the bottom of the painted composition in the style of sledding or tea.
In permogorskoy painting using these colors:

  • yellow;
  • green;
  • red;
  • very rarely blue.

The traditional elements of painting permogorskoy ribbons. These patterns do, as an individual decoration and is used as a frame of the composition. The components of such curbs are:

  • triangles;
  • diamonds;
  • arc;
  • droplets.

Combining elements and colors - at the discretion of the artist.

Bird "Sirin" angles. It corners paid most attention permogorskie wizard. As minor parts painted usually floral motifs. It has traditionally been: leaves, berries, cucumbers.
How to draw a shamrock
This is the traditional image of a shamrock plant motifs. He wrote both symmetric and asymmetric. Middle, depicted yellow or green.
How to Draw a Bird Sirin
It is this image is mainlyindividual element of painting. The presence of such a pattern on the product gives the right notion about the adventures of the painting. The popularity of this image is due to the belief that it is a talisman and brings happiness. Immediately drawn flexible shoots, they are curved three-fingered leaves and flowers with sharp Konami, berries. In the center is represented by the Syrian-Prica with a woman's face. Bird always framed in a circle with one of the types of ribbons.
As written genre scenes
Traditional drawings permogorskoy paintings are also scenes from the life. For example, tea, horse riding, weddings, etc. As a rule, the master depicted exactly the life that surrounds them.
Preparation of material for painting usually by handFinished products made of birch and linden. Ready handle things fine sandpaper. Thereafter take five parts water and one part PVA adhesives, mixed well and the ground surface of the workpiece. Next, using a knife, a compass and tracings made contours of the figure. They are repeated in black and colored applied color scheme. As a rule, the only use gouache. The dried material is hide varnish.

Elets lace

He came to us this kind of needlework with coldnorthern expanses of Russia. Different Elets lace extremely easy style and a surprisingly delicate motifs. Basic types of images were developed in the subject nature of the snow region. Patterns in the form of flowers, snowflakes are in any geometric shape. This lace sewn into tablecloths, pillowcases, blankets, capes, scarves.

The process of making lace on Eletskismall wound bobbin thread. In the process, they need to move in the desired order. Bobbin need to keep both hands behind the lower part of them, but can not touch the thread.
All work is based on two methods:

  • Thumb should move Bobbin right over left - this is called "Perevi";
  • It should be left and right bobbins move in such a way that it is a right of passage under the left - this is called a "weave."
  • Methods of weaving the threads in the lace There are only three methods of weaving:

    • doubles;
    • numerical;
    • towing.

    Numerical. An easy way to work. For its implementation need to count the threads. To make Elets lace is this method does not require drawing or repetitive movements. Background and pattern weaved together.
    Doubles. It is a way of weaving is considered to be the most difficult. Here you need to use a lot of bobbins. The process of working is based on the edge-to-edge. Background and pattern weaved simultaneously.
    Trailer. A feature of this method is a continuous strip with ornament. Figures combined with the background using a hook.
    How to weave flower
    To create the required normal threads andspecial tool. We weave flower. The work we do with the thread №30 thickened filigree. The distance between punctures in flower on the outside must be 5 mm, internal, menshe- 2 millimeters. In the middle, you need to do flower outlet of nasnovok, pleteshkov and spider. If you want to make a small flower, the bobbins 8 will suffice. For larger size, respectively, and the bobbins must be greater. In order to create flower petals need to limit the outer side of the grid pair. Her propletite thread filigree and place. The remaining pair of trailing net equity.
    After that you need to weave a pair of chassis withpleteshkom, which is located on the great circle, and go back to the tab. So you need to stseplivat pleteshkom each pair of chassis, which will be located near the center circle. If the center of the circle is not formed pleteshka can be repeated or extreme couple proplesti thread.

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    Embroidery in gold

    Embroider gold first began in the north of the country. And today, by visiting Torzhok gold embroidery can be seen in many homes. Embroider threads of precious metals, it is considered to be a great thing in this region.
    Gold embroidery - the most beautiful type of embroidery. First, this method of embroidery decorated predominantly religious articles. gold embroidery is considered the most difficult type of needlework. Today, this method of sewing is becoming popular again. Therefore, methods that make embroidery with gold, came up with the lighter. Torzhok gold embroidery is known throughout the world. Embroider trained this way for several years.
    Types of embroidery in gold There are many ways to embroider gold:

  • Chinese gold embroidery.
  • Embroidery with decking.
  • Embroidery stitch-through.
  • Flat embroidery.
  • Embroidery cantle.
  • Chinese embroidery
    Chinese embroidery with gold covers all types ofembroidery, which used gold thread. During sewing, does not require a lot of precious metal. Because all strings are completely on the personal side. They do not appear inside.
    Through Embroidery
    In this case, all of the image plane sewn stitches. They completely cover the fabric. Ideally, embroidery in gold shall consist of the same stitch. No exception and wrong side.

    Embroidery kanitelyuVyshivka cantle
    The easiest gold embroidery - embroiderycantle. If you choose to embroider with decking, use the best yarn soft golden color. As for flooring, it lay down cantle parallel rows. Threads necessarily extend through the fabric. It is enough to secure the top. Thus, the picture will turn out slightly convex and volume.
    Golden fibers can attach different types of yarn. Previously used silk, but now the master and working with cotton.
    If during sewing golden thread runs tightthrough the fabric, it should be lubricated with wax. This will greatly facilitate your work. All of these kinds of embroidery with gold thread betray your clothes or other articles of indescribable beauty. In the town of Torzhok gold embroidery represented in the museum. Amazing interior items and clothing are striking in their beauty.

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    Rakulskaya painting

    This art originated near permogorskoy painting. Therefore, the image motifs have some similarities.
    The painted products, which have come down to our times have the key figures:

    • upper part - branch with leaves;
    • average - bird;
    • lower - as a branch.

    The main colors rakulskoy paintings are:

    • yellow;
    • gold;
    • red;
    • brown;
    • white;
    • green;
    • the black.

    Rakulskaya painting differs from permogorskoy primarily large ornaments.
    Rakulskaya chicken
    The most famous fragment of this type of painting. That this image is referred to the traditional northern paintings. Eeosobennostyu a bright color and smooth curves elements.
    As drawn bird
    Initially portrayed beak on one line, andhead, which should move smoothly into the body. A feature of this pattern is that the head is represented by an unusually small compared to the body. Next is a wing contour and written legs, tail and crest.


    In addition to other forms of art, was born in the northone amazing sight baking - Roe. They were made by a stucco and a silhouette. They are known from time immemorial, and were considered ceremonial. They baked them only once a year during Christmas time.
    silhouette gingerbread

    They were made mostly in the form of animals. As for the residents of the north - it is the main type of crafts. The dough was rolled and cut it from the desired shape. It is believed that such baking gingerbread bring good luck to the household. Finished products painted glaze. Traditionally they used only two colors, white and pink. They symbolized the snow and the northern lights. The most common figures of roe, which can be seen today are deer and bird
    Also, there are several traditional nuances:

    • animal figurines have to look to the left;
    • images of people doing just from the front;
    • animals are produced only in profile;
    • at the base of the strip should be (earth symbol).

    Stucco gingerbread

    They came to us, too, from the far north. Such Roe considered amulets and bring luck, wealth, harvest, etc. Each product had its purpose.
    How to prepare molded gingerbread
    From rye flour, water and salt is mixed coarsedough. Then we start manufacturing. To do this, first you need to roll the ball, then plump sausage, which is necessary to make a pear-shaped. After doing stomach and the small details: the horns, legs, tail. After that, the raw workpiece need to put in a cool place for 24 hours. Next, they need to bake until golden brown. Ready-made cakes should be several times lower in boiling water. From this figure becomes bright, smooth and strong.

    Abashevskaya toy

    Abashevskaya toy - it whistles in the form offabulous animals with unusual appearance. It originated this skill in the Northern regions of Russia. The main difference is the unusual shape and the amazing painting.

    For example, not comparable small animals or feetIt is inherent in all just a hint of limbs in the form of small hillocks, extended neck. Very often form a variety of animals did not differ from each other. It is also the hallmark of Abashevo toys can be called a high modeled relief images. Animals, for example, buttons of chest, at the young ladies - decoration.
    The most traditional are:

    • on horseback;
    • young lady;
    • animals.

    In the manufacture of toys give Abashevopreference plasticity product details and secondary place - painting. Abashevskaya toy signs in bright colors. The special combination of traditional and no nuances. All at the discretion of the author.
    Craftsmen have always been the northern edgeunusual skill and amazing technique. Permogorskaya and Rakulskaya painting, Elets lace, roe, Abashevskaya toy with gold embroidery - only a few of all the wealth of the Russian hinterland.

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