Simple photo master-class on knitting with knitting needles of dogs

Simple photo master-class on knitting with knitting needles of dogs


Moms are very fond of knitting booties to their babies. Most often it's not just comfortable shoes for the legs, but also cute little animals that amuse the child.
They can be bright, with various ornaments,Different length and shape. Running such booties can even beginner knitter. You just need to learn the rules of knitting knitting needles, ways to reduce or close them. Very popular bootees are doggies, knitting patterns which describe a detailed master class well. They have their advantages: a small expenditure of time and yarn (for small falcon legs) and simplicity of patterns.

A detailed master class on knitting flow

Usually booties-dogs are knitted with knitting needles or garter stitch. For work we need very little:

  • Spokes;
  • Yarn of several shades;
  • needle;
  • Accessories (buttons).

To ensure that the process of knitting is not difficult, it is better to see a detailed master class.
For work you will need a yarn of two shades. The main - a little more, but for the design of the ears and spout is quite a bit.

The sole, as well as the ears of the pinets, are made with knitted needles with knitting needles, according to patterns - patterns. Then loop along the perimeter of the foot, distributing them as follows:

  • Toeok - 10;
  • Side (2) - 20;
  • Heel - 7.

Continue the work of the viscous 8 rows. Now you need to make a reduction. In two rows, the hinges are removed from both sides at the joints of the bow and side. As a result, the total number of loops for four decreases twofold.
The following reductions are made in the same places - on theJoints, tying two loops together. Only now they knit just one part - the toe, turning the canvas. Cuttings on the knitting fabric are made until it remains:

  • Toeok - 10;
  • Side - 8 and 7;
  • Heel - 7.

Now it's time for gum. It is performed with "toe" knitting needles of 20 rows, in one row it is closed all at once. The ears for the dog-puppets are also made in a pattern-pattern, then sewn to the main part. The muzzle is decorated with buttons. Many sew funny ears in the form of pompoms. This is very adorned booties, which will look like cute dogs.
They are made with the help of two cardboard circles, on which the thread is wound, tightly positioning the windings. Then push the cardboard and cut the thread from one side with scissors.
Without removing the cards, pull the pompom in the middle with a thread of the same color. Remove the circles from the cardboard - the ears are ready. It remains to straighten them and attach to the sides of the pins.
Necessarily need a pretty nose. Some moms sew a bright pompom and a spout. Only it needs to be done smaller than the ears. And you can replace the original button. The kid will be delighted with such a gift - warm and fun! There are other ways to knit pinets. But, the main detail is the basis - the foot and sides. But the finish is a flight of fantasy.

Booties can be completely different, like breeds of dogs, sometimes, fabulous or unusual.

Video masterclass on knitting pinets of dogs

Video on knitting pinets-dogs you can look in our article. Based on this video, you can link the wonderful dog booties.

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