Embroidery on the skin: step master class (photo)

Embroidery on the skin: step master class (photo)


During the manufacture of various articles made from leather,I want them to decorate some beautiful embroidery. You can simply choose the desired picture, then transfer it to the skin, and then embroider any known way to you. Of course, the easiest way to do this with a sewing machine, but for those who do not, suggest that you consider a small master class, how to do embroidery on the skin with your hands.

Master-class embroidery on leather products

To start, decide what image you want toembroider. For the first time we recommend that you do not take too large images or those drawings that contain a lot of flowery elements. As an example, we offer you a small image of the top of the horse.

Adjust the picture by itself. Here's a sketch, as shown in the photo, and can get you.

Now let's look at how you can transferskin image. To create a leather surface only silhouette of the figure, it can be cut and applied to the skin, simply cut around the contour. Next option - is to put under the drawing blueprint. Through this, you get what you have conceived successfully embroider. The last option is the transfer - is to use an awl. Embroider the horse will be using a third method. Place the front of the product to embroider on a special stand. It is best to approach a small wooden plaque. It will protect your table from the puncture awl. Top leather cutting position the image of a horse.

Start with an awl to pierce the contours of the entire sketch. Look carefully for the fact that the paper does not move in different directions, as will have to start all over again to do, and this work is not quite easy to do with their hands.

Follow the holes so that the distance between thethem was about 2 or 3 mm. It all depends on how large your image. If a sketch of a small size, the holes will be much greater, due to the small elements. Accordingly, the distance will also decrease. If you have not completely new skin, for example, from an old jacket or bag, then increase the space between the holes in order to avoid the possibility of skin break in the place where the embroidery will occur. As a result, your circuit should look like that shown in the photo.

Then begin to embroider in the art "back needle", introducing the thread into small holes, punctured with an awl. Periodically compare with the original embroidery, not to miss important elements of the image.

Embroidery on the skin can be done by any thread. It may be not only the floss, but also ordinary sewing thread. Originally embroidery will look if it is done with lurex thread. If you want to string during workflow beautiful beads. As a result, your image becomes three-dimensional. That's how fast and easy you can do embroidery on the skin.

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